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Show Money 21: Takeaways from the UFC antitrust document dump and Project Spearhead

The Show Money crew is back to spew their sometimes educated, sometimes random theories on the only show exclusively dedicated to the business of MMA.

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The Show Money crew is Paul the economist, Jason the lawyer, and John the man who knows everyone and everything in MMA. In today’s episode, the guys discuss key takeaways from over 1,500 pages of class certification and Daubert motions and exhibits from Plaintiffs and the UFC, including expert reports and deposition excerpts.

For those interested in specific parts, here are the start times for each segment:

  • Our lawyer Jason explains what class certification and Daubert motions are – 1:57
  • How have the fighters tailored their claim? And thoughts Andrew Zimbalist’s plaintiffs damages report. A John Nash tweet is now famous and is discussed in this section – 5:57
  • Our updated predictions on the most likely outcome for the case – 26:55
  • Getting a little nerdy on some of the expert witness analyses in the case, from what we could see since much is redacted – 32:26
  • Has the antitrust lawsuit already had an effect on UFC contracts? – 47:34
  • Will Project Spearhead be the organizational effort to finally break through? – 52:31

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