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Sean O’Malley on injured foot: ‘It would be better if it was broken’

Rising UFC talent Sean O’Malley won his UFC 222 bout on only one leg, after injuring his foot in the third round. The good news: it isn’t broken. The bad news: it isn’t broken.

When Dana White announced at the UFC 222 post-fight presser that Sean O’Malley had not, in fact, broken his foot against Andre Soukhamthath in their PPV main card bout, it sounded like good news. After all, if the foot wasn’t broken, then maybe he could get right back to training after a couple week’s rest.


The fast rising young UFC talent stopped by the MMA Hour on Monday, after his fight and he brought some bad news with him. While the foot wasn’t broken in the bout, an older fracture was discovered, and it sounds like he has some serious ligament damage to attend to (transcript via MMA Fighting):

“They said it wasn’t broken, but they said I’ve got a previous fracture in there from before the fight, so I’m gonna figure out what’s wrong with it. It’s hurt pretty much nonstop, so we’ll see.”

“I didn’t (know it was previously fractured). Every fight I’m in I throw a lot of kicks. I land with my feet a lot, I’ve had a lot of foot issues because of that. I’ve had a lot of foot injuries so I wasn’t surprised.”
“What I understand is it would be better if it was broken because it would be easier to heal than ligament tears. I think I would almost rather it would be broken, but we’re going to check it out and we’ll see where we can go from there,” said O’Malley.

“I’m on crutches. I couldn’t even put a little bit of pressure on it on the ground,” he added.

The win over Soukhamthath was O’Malley’s second in the UFC, coming off a highlight performance on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. He’s quickly carved out a reputation as an entertaining, high-volume action fighter. Hopefully this injury doesn’t slow down his career too much.