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Hector Lombard says C.B. Dollaway might have milked getting hit after bell to earn DQ

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UFC 222’s Hector Lombard disputes his disqualification loss to C.B. Dollaway.

UFC 222: Dollaway v Lombard Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Hector Lombard isn’t too happy about the end result of his controversial middleweight bout against C.B. Dollaway at UFC 222.

Lombard, 40, was disqualified after blasting Dollaway with a one-two combination after the bell sounded at the end of the first round.

Dollaway, 34, was badly hurt by the left hook and stumbled back to his corner in a daze, but ‘Lightning’ thinks ‘The Doberman’ was more than capable of continuing and suspects Dollaway milked the knockdown to sway the referee’s decision.

“It was in action,” Lombard said backstage at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, per MMA Junkie’s Ben Fowlkes and Ken Hathaway. “You know, we’re exchanging. He threw a kick, and I’m coming back. You’re in the fight. If the referee doesn’t get in and say (stop), but if you’re in action and you throw a kick, I follow through with one-two.… The referee didn’t step in and say anything.

“I always say he didn’t want to fight,” Lombard continued. “He didn’t want to continue. … We’re fighters. I’ve been in that situation before. You just get up. He was just talking and everything. (If) you want to continue the fight, you continue.”

UFC 222 marked Lombard’s fifth straight loss, and the Cuban-born fighter would like to spring back into the winner’s column as soon as possible, hinting at a rematch with Dollaway.

“I would love to (have a rematch),” he said. “I know he won’t beat me, but it’s up to the UFC, up to him, whatever he wants to do. I want to get another fight quick.”

A former top-ten middleweight, Lombard’s stock has plummeted in recent years and the former Bellator middleweight champion must win his next bout in order to secure his position in the UFC.