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TUF Brazil vet regrets asking for UFC release while on USADA suspension

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Viscardi Andrade talks about how he was forbidden to fight in other promotions during his USADA suspension.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Walsh vs Andrade
Viscardi Andrade
Matt Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 2 veteran, Viscardi Andrade, regrets the day he asked the UFC to release him after he was given a two-year suspension by USADA for failing a test 13 days before his last UFC fight.

Viscardi won the fight against Richard Walsh via unanimous decision on March 20, 2016 in Australia. It has since been overturned, as he tested positive for banned substance Stanozolol. After a year of no progress, Andrade decided to ask the UFC to release him from his contract, just so he could fight again.

“I fought the athletic commission for a year, and then I asked the UFC to release me so I could fight for other promotions,” Andrade told MMA Fighting. “I thought that the commission would only stop me from fighting in the United States, but as soon as the UFC granted me the release, the commission sent me a letter saying that I couldn’t fight MMA anywhere in the world or they would give me an additional four-year suspension.”

“I was already close to signing with an Asian promotion,” he added. “After that, I decided to look out for things I could compete at, so I did that ADCC superfight with Erick Silva, won a Muay Thai bout via first-round knockout in Thailand, and decided to test myself at WGP now. I couldn’t fight MMA, so I decided to stay active in whatever I could.”

Now, Andrade says he never would have asked for the release, if he knew what other consequences he could face.

““If I knew I wouldn’t be able to fight, I would have stayed there and waited,” Andrade admits. “I’ll be cleared again next month, and my manager is already in talks with some promotions, including the UFC. Who knows, maybe we’ll have good news in March.”

The 33-year-old Andrade, does have, however, hope that he could still fight for the UFC or other big promotions in the future, as he left the promotion with a positive record: two wins over Bristol Marunde and Gasan Umalatov, with just one loss to Niko Musoke.

“I’m coming off two wins in the UFC, I won 10 of my last 11 fights, the majority by first-round finish,” Andrade said. “So that proves I’m one of the best fighters in the world. It doesn’t make sense to keep me out of the biggest organization in the world. I’m hoping to be back (in the UFC) and show my work.”

“I want to sign with a big organization. The UFC still is the biggest organization in the world, the No. 1, so that’s my focus, but I don’t close any doors. Maybe I wouldn’t fight with Bellator now because that would close the doors to a potential move to the UFC. My idea is to sign one- or maybe two-fight deals and see what happens.”

Viscardi Andrade (17-6) was a member of Fabricio Werdum’s team at The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 2, and made it to the semifinals in the house, losing by TKO vs. William Macario.