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Anthony Pettis: I will be back on top, it’s just a matter of time

Former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis is dead set on bouncing back strong, after a streak of subpar performances and losses.

For a good four years since he came to prominence for the “Showtime kick” in 2010, Anthony Pettis was one of the elite names at 155 pounds. But after losing the title to Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 185 in 2015, he was never able to bounce back.

Pettis last fought during the UFC’s Fight Night event in Norfolk, Virginia in November, where he lost via third-round TKO to Dustin Poirier due to a rib injury. During Monday’s episode of the MMA Hour, he revealed some details about the said damage during the Poirier fight, as well as some misfortunes during training camp.

“I’ve had some injuries in my fight career, but it was kinda just a dumb error,” Pettis said (via MMA Fighting). “I didn’t clear the body triangle, I tried to twist out and I tore the cartilage in my ribs, so it was like a shock. I felt the pop and then I just didn’t know how bad it was until after the fight when I got x-rays.”

“It probably was [one of my worst training camps],” he continued. “That bad. There was a lot of personal stuff that was going on in that camp that, it threw my mental off.”

“Any little errors in your camp can reflect in the fight and that’s what happened, I think. I’ve been fighting for a long time, so I’ve known training camps don’t always go as planned but you try to make it as smooth as possible. That one wasn’t.”

Currently 2-2 in his last four fights, Pettis is just focused on getting himself back on track.

“I will be back there, it’s just a matter of time,” Pettis said. “I won’t stay down forever. Obviously, I’m still pushing, I’m still training, I’m still in the gym, I’m still getting better and I’ve just got to show it in my fights now. That’s the big thing. It’s something to do with that mental mindset.”

“I’m not in this to be a gatekeeper,” he added. “I’m not in this to have guys make their name off of me. I’ve been the best in the world. I know I can do it, it’s just taking my time and getting back there the right way.”

Pettis (20-7, with 16 wins by stoppage) will be facing Michael Chiesa at UFC 223 on April 7th in Brooklyn, New York.