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MMA Squared, Episode 6: Cyborg Is Living in a John Hughes Movie

MMA Squared, episode 6: Cyborg Is Living in a John Hughes Movie

She was an outsider, talented, but not a conventional beauty.

Smashing Gina Carano put her on the map.

A trio of archetypal bullies were keeping her down:

The Rich Kid

The Mean Girl

and their unwitting henchman, The Jock

Eventually the pressure from fans got Cyborg into the UFC, but they demanded punishing weight cuts. Cyborg played ball and continued to smash.

All of a sudden, no more cutting to 140lbs. Cyborg got a weight class, and a belt, beating Tonya Evinger at UFC 214.

And in less than three months she saved two PPV events, headlining UFC 219 and 222. In true teen movie fashion, her bullies were made to call her fights,

sign her checks,

and find a new set of friends

<cue Don’t You Forget About Me montage>