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UFC Fight Night: Werdum vs. Volkov live results, discussion, play by play

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Live, blow-by-blow updates for today’s UFC event in London, which will be headlined by a heavyweight fight between Fabricio Werdum and Alexander Volkov.

Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring, and play-by-play as UFC Fight Night: Werdum vs. Volkov takes place in the 02 Arena in London, England.

The headliner comes in the heavyweight division, with former champ Fabricio Werdum meeting Alexander Volkov.

Today’s event is in England, as mentioned, so things are kicking off early. And it’s a Fight Pass show. Live results and play-by-play will commence on the UFC’s streaming service broadcast at 2pm ET/11am PT for six fights. The four-fight main card, still on Fight Pass, kicks off at 5pm ET/2pm PT.

The full lineup and schedule follows. Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on the each matchup.

Fabricio Werdum vs. Alexander Volkov

Round 1 - Werdum runs across the cage immediately as he is wont to do. Volkov just laughs at him. Werdum immediately takes Volkov down. He’s taking his time, sitting in Volkov’s guard. A few punches, enough to maintain position. Werdum tries to back out and step over to half but can’t get past Volkov’s long legs. He just stacks him against the cage instead and lands some punches. Volkov trips Werdum and gets up. Nice. Volkov is all over Werdum with punches. Werdum covered up and took the shots. Straight left from Werdum. Volkov catches a kick and trips Werdum to the mat. Volkov won’t join him there. Jump knee from Werdum, and Volkov throws him to the mat again. Werdum gets up, and scores an inside trip takedown to get top position back. 10-9 Werdum.

Round 2 - Werdum throws a couple of kicks. Werdum asks Volkov to engage, then immediately tries to take him down. Volkov fights him off. Body kick from Werdum. Slow pace here. Volkov caught a kick and dumped Werdum to the mat. He just walked away and Werdum got up. Werdum with a single leg takedown into half. Volkov recovers full guard. Werdum with a brief can opener. Werdum with a few light punches. Nice elbow. Volkov is cut. Hammerfists. Werdum looking for a kimura now. He can’t secure it before the end of the round. 10-9 Werdum.

Round 3 - Werdum opens with another flying kick attempt. Inside leg kick from Werdum. Volkov lands two hard shots, but Werdum drags him down. Werdum ends up on the bottom but sweeps almost immediately. They’re back up. Werdum is cut from those punches earlier. His eye is jacked up. Werdum with a single, and he ends up on his back. Volkov is warned for grabbing his gloves. Back on the feet, Volkov connects with a left hook. Body kick. Spinning back fist from Werdum is blocked. Nice combo from Werdum. Werdum sort of pulls guard, then manages to take Volkov’s back. He immediately attacks an arm but Volkov yanks it out. Body kick from Werdum. Werdum dives for a single and misses. Werdum flops to his back twice more. 10-9 Werdum.

Round 4 - Volkov jabs and lands a nice combo. Again Werdum rolls under Volkov and tries to tie him up. Volkov ends up sitting in Werdum’s full guard. They stall out. Few punches from Volkov and he stands up. Werdum with a big left. Volkov cracks him with an uppercut and Werdum goes down for real! Volkov jumps in for some finishing shots and it’s over! Huge upset!

Alexander Volkov defeated Fabricio Werdum via KO (strikes), round 4

Jimi Manuwa vs. Jan Blachowicz

Round 1 - Head kick from Manuwa. Doesn’t really land. Low inside leg kick from Blachowicz. Manuwa with the jab. Another head kick connects. Blachowicz throws his own. Both are jabbing. Hard low kick from Manuwa. Blachowicz covers up well as Manuwa attacks, and he fires back. Big shots and Manuwa hits the floor! Blachowicz looks for a choke but Manuwa gets back up. His nose is bleeding badly. Blachowicz pressures again and connects with punches. Manuwa clinches. Blachowicz with a knee and a couple of punches. Manuwa’s blood is all over his back. They separate with 35 seconds to go Blachowicz with a hard jab. Manuwa with his own jab. Counter right from Blachowicz. 10-8 Blachowicz.

Round 2 - Head kick from Manuwa right away. Inside leg kick from Blachowicz. Low outside leg kick too. Blachowicz pumping the jab in Manuwa’s face. Blachowicz with another kick but Manuwa responds with a ripping right. Blachowicz looks for a takedown but can only keep Manuwa on the mat for a second. Manuwa with a right hook. Blachowicz misses with uppercuts. Big combo from Blachowicz. Manuwa slaps Blachowicz’s face with a side kick. Blachowicz clinches halfway through the round. Manuwa looks for a trip but Blachowicz jumps on top. Manuwa escapes immediately though. Manuwa cracks him with a left hook and Blachowicz clinches. They separate with 1:10 to go. Manuwa pops Blachowicz with a left, and now a right hook. Manuwa with a huge head kick! Body shot and shovel hook from Manuwa. Blachowicz clinches again. Very fun round. 10-9 Manuwa.

Round 3 - Inside leg kick from Blachowicz. Manuwa chops with an outside leg kick. They trade big shots in the center. Both men landing stinging jabs. Blachowicz with a nice counter. Three jabs from Blachowicz. He just keeps firing it out there. Manuwa with a high kick. Counter right hook from Blachowicz. Double jabs and a right cross score for Blachowicz. Much slower pace from both men. More jabs from Blachowicz. Blachowicz with a nice double-leg takedown late. 10-9 and 29-27 Blachowicz.

Jan Blachowicz defeated Jimi Manuwa via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Tom Duquesnoy vs. Terrion Ware

Round 1 - Duquesnoy opens with a low kick and a nice combo. Jab from Duquesnoy. Ware with a long right, and a body kick. Short right and an inside leg kick from Duquesnoy. Ware with a knee inside. Hard outside leg kick from Duquesnoy. Left and low kick again from Duquesnoy. Ware goes to the body. Duquesnoy with a head kick. Duquesnoy gets a body lock and looks for a suplex, but can’t get him up so he just lets go. Another combo from Duquesnoy. Ware with another knee. Hard inside leg kicks from Duquesnoy. They trade in the pocket. Ware scoops a single and drops Duquesnoy to the mat. He lands a few shots on top before the horn. 10-9 Duquesnoy.

Round 2 - Inside leg kick from Duquesnoy, and a body kick. They trade a bit on the inside. Hard right from Duquesnoy. Duquesnoy digs to the body and kicks the leg. Ware with a nice combo on the inside. Duquesnoy with a leg kick and a right over the top. Ware pawing with the jab. Right hook from Duquesnoy. Ball shot from Ware. Duquesnoy takes a minute-long break before action resumes. They trade leg kicks. Duquesnoy stuffs a shot. He tried to throw Ware, but Ware kept his balance and stepped over into top position with 45 seconds to go. Elbows from Ware. 10-9 Ware.

Round 3 - Duquesnoy with a combo and a thudding leg kick. Head kick from Ware. Duquesnoy with another low kick. Body shot and yet another leg kick. They trade jabs. Ware dives in on a takedown attempt, but settles for some brief clinch work. Ware lands a shot as Duquesnoy scores with another kick. Body work from Ware. Duquesnoy with a left over the top after faking a body shot. Nice. Ware has another takedown attempt stuffed. Ware is walking Duquesnoy down. They’re both tiring. Jab from Ware. Ware with a combo. Duquesnoy with a left. Ware scoops a single and gets a very brief takedown. He stuffs a shot from Duquesnoy and touches him up with three punches. Head kick from Ware, and a short right hook. 10-9 and 29-28 Ware.

Tom Duquesnoy defeated Terrion Ware via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Leon Edwards vs. Peter Sobotta

Round 1 - Edwards lands a left. Sobotta is trying to walk him down. A counter right hook from Edwards drops Sobotta! He jumps on but Sobotta looks for an immediate armbar! Edwards takes some time and gets out of danger, working in full guard. After an extended battle there, Edwards finally gets back to his feet with 1:35 to go. Stiff jab from Sobotta. Edwards with his own jab. Another from Sobotta. They trade more jabs. Edwards with a body kick. 10-9 Edwards.

Round 2 - Edwards immediately cup checks Sobotta with a kick. Body kick from Sobotta. Quick shovel hook from Sobotta. Edwards clinches, and gets a trip takedown. Sobotta is looking for a kimura from the bottom. He steps over the top and takes the back, but he’s high. Edwards is trying to shake him off, but Sobotta is still attacking the arm. Edwards escapes and takes top position again. The ref stands them up with 45 seconds to go. Edwards misses with a couple of punches. 10-9 Sobotta.

Round 3 - Edwards whiffs on a head kick and gets popped with a couple of counters. Long left lands for Edwards. Edwards clinches up briefly. A left scores for Sobotta. Uppercut from Edwards. Left lands glancingly for Edwards. Sobotta shoots in and gets a brief takedown. Sobotta has a body lock and he’s on Edwards’ back. But Edwards is on his feet. Now Edwards ends up on top. He’s being active but the referee is warning them for inactivity. Sobotta is bleeding from some short elbows. He rolls over to his stomach and Edwards lands a bevy of punches. He’s still going, and...the fight was waved off right before the horn. Another 4:59 finish! Crazy.

Leon Edwards defeated Peter Sobotta via TKO (strikes), 4:59 of round 3

John Phillips vs. Charles Byrd

Round 1 - Byrd gets an immediate takedown. He moves to mount within 15 seconds. Elbows. He’s there for a while, trying to land strikes. Phillips recovers half guard. Byrd takes the back, with hooks. He tries to get back to mount but Phillips controls the legs, so he’s back in half. He gets to the back again and secures a choke. He’s got it.

Charles Byrd defated John Phillips via submission (rear naked choke), 3:58 of round 1

Danny Roberts vs. Oliver Enkamp

Round 1 - Slow start. Both miss with kicks. Roberts with a hard straight left. Enkamp clinches up. He lands a couple of strikes and they break. Enkamp looks for a kick but Roberts cracks him with the same straight left and Enkamp is down! He collapsed in a heap. Man that was a hard shot.

Danny Roberts defeated Oliver Enkamp via KO (punch), 2:12 of round 1

Danny Henry vs. Hakeem Dawodu

Round 1 - Dawodu with an inside leg kick. Henry catches the next one. Henry with a right hook that stuns Dawodu! Henry jumps on him with a guillotine, but Dawodu escapes. He cinches it up again and Dawodu taps. That was mighty impressive against a great prospect.

Danny Henry defeated Hakeen Dawodu (guillotine choke), :39 of round 1

Paul Craig vs. Magomed Ankalaev

Round 1 - Ankalaev with an outside leg kick. Two lefts from Ankalaev get through. Ankalaev with a body kick that stings Craig. Low blow from Craig. Confirmed by the cornuts cam. Ankalaev only needs a few seconds to restart. Craig in on a single but he is rebuffed by Ankalaev. They battle in the clinch. Ankalaev with a left in close, but Craig gets a takedown. After about 45 seconds, Ankalaev reverses and works from the top. Ankalaev backs out of a triangle attempt and is standing over Craig. Ankalaev hears the 10-second clacker and jumps in with a huge punch. He moved to mount just before the horn. 10-9 Ankalaev.

Round 2 - Body jab from Ankalaev. Ankalaev with a combo. Another ends with a hard left hook. They engage in the clinch again. Ankalaev with a solid left over the top. Craig with a hard leg kick. Craig lands a hard straight right. Craig with the power double and gets the takedown. Ankalaev gets his back to the fence. Ankalaev reverses by just getting to his knees, picking Craig up, and depositing him on the mat. Strong guy. He gets to side control. He lands a few strikes there but mostly just controls position. 10-9 Ankalaev.

Round 3 - Head kick from Ankalaev right away. Craig looks for a takedown but can’t get it. Ankalaev makes him stand back up. Craig with a head kick. Body kick from Ankalaev. Ankalaev with a nice straight left. Craig tries for another takedown but there’s nothing there. pushes his head down and lands some punches. Craig escapes briefly but they’re in the clinch. Craig exits with a spin, then falls downs. Ankalaev lands a hard knee and he’s got Craig turtled up. Knees to the body. Craig rolls to guard. Hard elbow from Ankalaev. He’s working Craig over against the fence. Craig throws up a desperation triangle at the 10-second clacker, and he locks it up! ANKALAEV TAPPED! HOLY COW! THAT WAS INSANE! Literal last-second finish.

Paul Craig defeated Magomed Ankalaev via submission (triangle choke), 4:59 of round 3

Kajan Johnson vs. Stevie Ray

Round 1 - Not much happening early. Side kick from Johnson. They trade kicks. A lot of feinting. A few front kicks from Johnson. Spinning back kick from Ray connects to Johnson’s chest. Body kick from Johnson. He’s circling a lot. Ray with a low leg kick. Johnson returns it. Ray misses with a spin kick. Side kick from Johnson. Ray spins again. Johnson with another front kick. 10-9 Johnson I guess.

Round 2 - Ray misses with a spinning wheel kick. Leg kick from Ray as Johnson retreats. Johnson steps in an lands a big right that staggers Ray. Johnson gets a takedown. Ray looking for a guillotine. Johnson squirms out but Ray keeps a front headlock. Johnson pushes him over and briefly takes his back. Ray ends up on his back again. Ray gets to his feet but Johnson uses a body lock to drag him down. Back up. Ray uses an underhook to throw Johnson down. They were in 50/50 briefly, then got up and separated. Ray misses with a big left. Hard leg kick from Ray. Ray misses with two big punches but Johnson still ended up on his back. They scramble. 10-9 Johnson.

Round 3 - Good inside leg kick from Johnson. He also lands a counter left. Ray scores with a right at the end of a combo. Big left staggers Johnson. He lands another. Ray misses with one and Johnson ties him up against the fence. They scramble again. Ray looks for a leg lock. Johnson gets his leg out and takes top position. He’s trying to pass after 45 seconds or so, but they’re stood up with 1:15 to go. Ray with a left. Lead right. He gets a takedown. He traps and arm and opens up with punches at the horn. 10-9 Ray but 29-28 Johnson.

Kajan Johnson defeated Stevie Ray via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Mark Godbeer vs. Dmitriy Sosnovskiy

Round 1 - They clinch right away, but briefly. Sosnovskiy with a leg kick. Godbeer clinches. Sosnovskiy lands a knee to the belly and reverses position. He gets Godbeer to the floor. Sosnovskiy isn’t passing at all. He’s staying active, but Godbeer is cracking him from the bottom. The ref stands them up. Godbeer lands a big shot. Uppercut from Sosnovskiy. He shoots in but Godbeer pancakes him and takes his back. Big punches. Sosnovskiy gets to guard, but he looks tired. 10-9 Godbeer.

Round 2 - Godbeer with a right, and a body kick. Sosnovskiy clinches. Sosnovskiy throws Godbeer to the mat. He goes for a leg lock, which allows Godbeer to escape and take his back. But then he gave up position because he didn’t sink hooks. Sosnovskiy is in side. Godbeer reverses. Sosnovskiy looks for a kimura. He can’t get a good grip on it. Godbeer is landing punches and elbows from the top, but the ref stands them up again. Brutal. Godbeer gets stunned by a punch. Sosnovskiy throws him down and steps right into mount. Now Sosnovskiy is on the back, landing punches. He secures the choke and gets the tap.

Dimtriy Sosnovskiy defeated Mark Godbeer via submission (rear naked choke), 4:29 of round 2