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NAC hands Cynthia Calvillo longer suspension than USADA for marijuana test failure

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The Nevada Athletic Commission has suspended UFC strawweight Cynthia Calvillo for nine months after she tested positive for marijuana.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Calderwood vs Calvillo Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

While Cynthia Calvillo got a light USADA suspension for her positive marijuana test last December, the UFC strawweight ended up with a harsher punishment issued by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

The NAC revealed earlier in the week that Calvillo has been suspended nine months, three months longer than the USADA ban, which could be halved if she completed the USADA-approved drug awareness and management program. Considering the NAC ban is concurrent with the USADA ban, there’s practically no point in trying to reduce the USADA suspension.

Per MMA Fighting, “Calvillo was also fined $6,150 — 15 percent of her $41,000 purse — and will be required to submit a clean drug test before seeking relicensure.” Two years ago, former UFC featherweight Diego Brandao received an identical ban from the NAC after he exceeded the allowable marijuana metabolites limit of 180 ng/mL.

While marijuana is legal for recreational use in the state of Nevada, it is still banned in-competition in both Nevada and under WADA code. Last year, Nevada looked at the possibility of removing marijuana from the banned substance list. Of course, this is the same state where Nick Diaz was originally given a five-year suspension (later overturned to 18 months) for his third marijuana-related offense.

Calvillo lost by decision to Carla Esparza at UFC 219, so no fight result will be overturned.