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Dana White on Brock Lesnar: ‘I wouldn’t be shocked’ if he returned to UFC

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According to Dana White, ‘anything is possible’ when it comes to Brock Lesnar and the UFC.

UFC 200: Tate v Nunes Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

It wouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to see former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar return to the UFC in 2018.

Lesnar, who is currently working with WWE, was anticipated to fight ex-UFC light heavyweight champ and former pound-for-pound No. 1 Jon Jones last year.

Jones, who originally beat Daniel Cormier in a light heavyweight championship rematch at UFC 214, called out Lesnar in the post-fight interview and generated interest in a heavyweight super-fight. Shortly after, however, ‘Bones’ tested positive for steroids and was suspended indefinitely. His win over ‘DC’ was overturned to a No Contest (NC) and the 30-year-old was stripped of the LHW title.

Lesnar was also the subject of controversy when he tested positive for PEDs (performance-enhancing drugs) in 2016. The heavyweight phenom returned to the Octagon at the blockbuster UFC 200 pay-per-view but his win over Mark Hunt was overturned to a NC and he was suspended for one year.

Lesnar, 40, would have to re-enter the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) drug testing pool - a process which takes six months - and complete his suspension to be eligible for a UFC return, but head promoter Dana White thinks ‘anything is possible’.

“Anything is possible,” White said about Lesnar on UFC Tonight, per MMA Weekly’s Damon Martin. “Brock has always shown interest in coming over and fighting in the UFC. I wouldn’t be shocked if he gave it one more shot.”

Lesnar reigned as UFC HW champ from 2008-2010 and was dethroned by wrestling powerhouse Cain Velasquez at UFC 121. The WWE icon called it quits in MMA after his subsequent TKO loss to Alistair Overeem but decided to make a comeback at UFC 200, which was when Lesnar was suspended for using PEDs.

Lesar might not be the feared powerhouse he was once was, but the NCAA Division I wrestling champ is still a threat to anyone ranked in the top 10 and is a guaranteed PPV draw.