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Video: Dana White spends $69,000 on Katanas during ‘Pawn Stars’ appearance

UFC President Dana White made an appearance at popular show Pawn Stars, and he dropped a

UFC 25th Anniversary Press Conference Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Dana White has made bank during his career as president and part owner of the UFC.

Even if you don’t count over a decade with the Fertittas — where the company reportedly also took out huge loans and paid dividends to the owners — White has made a whole lot of money under WME-IMG. According to numerous outlets, the 48-year-old made about $360 million after the UFC’s sale, and is currently enjoying an eight-figure yearly salary and bonuses under this new management.

How has the UFC President been spending some of that money? Well a small chunk of that is going to a new weapon room apparently.

White had an appearance at History Channel’s popular show “Pawn Stars” where he spent $69,000 in Katanas. Watch the clip below:

“I’m building this weapons room in my house and what I’m really looking for today is a sword,” White said. “Show me something good.”

White bought one of the restored samurai swords from the 1600s for $30,000. After finding out that katana wasn’t initially for sale, the UFC President just wanted to bid on it even more.

“The fact that you didn’t want to sell it made me want it more,” White said in the episode.

He bought a few other swords to convince them to sell, and he racked up his total bill to $69,000.

“I love the whole Japanese samurai tradition and the story, and it’s a beautiful sword,” White said. “And I couldn’t refuse, so I took that one, too.”

That seems like a huge amount of money for decorations, but White isn’t exactly the same as most people. He has been known to gamble a lot, reportedly winning or losing a million dollars and over in one night. White’s also had a reputation for being a generous tipper, recently dropping a $4,000 tip in a Boston restaurant last month.

What he does with his own money is his business, and he certainly is free to do what he pleases with his personal funds. At the same time, it’s also somewhat expected that people are already pointing out how this isn’t the best look for a company that’s being criticized for low fighter pay.

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