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UFC Belem video highlights: Valentina Shevchenko smashes, submits Priscila Cachoeira

Check out the full fight video highlights of Valentina Shevchenko battering Priscila Cachoeira before subbing her in the UFC Belem co-main event.

In the UFC Belem co-main event, the UFC’s #1 bantamweight Valentina Shevchenko dropped down to flyweight and ran shop on UFC nnewcomer Priscila Cachoeira, picking up a 2nd round rear-naked choke after landing a whole lot of leather. Shevchenko came out hot, landing a series of left hands before dumping Cachoeira on her back and landing brutal elbows from the top. The offense of Shevchenko were intense to say the least, as Cachoeira had few answers for the onslaught of Shevchenko, ultimately exposing her neck and giving up the RNC. Significant strikes were 112 to 1. That is not a typo.

Did Shevchenko just place herself next in line for a shot at Nicco Montano for the UFC flyweight title?

Check out Tim Burke’s play-by-play from Valentina Shevchenko’s destruction of Priscila Cachoeira:

Round 2 - Shevchenko with two lefts. She gets the takedown 15 seconds in. She’s in side control in the middle of the cage. She traps the far arm and lands a ton of punches. Now she’s looking for an armbar. She gives up on that, but gets the crucifix and drops a bunch more punches. This should be stopped. Cachoeira is tough, but this is a total beating. The crowd is unhappy due to a lull in action. Shevchenko moves to mount. More punches. Cachoeira gives up her back. Tons more punches. Cachoeira tries to sit up but is pushed back down. Shevchenko looks for a choke now, and gets the tap. Utter, utter domination.

What a clinic put on by Shevchenko:

Shevchenko looking mean at 125 pounds:

Shevchenko submits Cachoeira after incredibly lopsided fight:

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