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UFC Belem results: Valentina Shevchenko destroys Priscila Cachoeira, chokes her out in round 2

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Valentina Shevchenko brutalized Priscila Cachoeira before choking her out in the UFC Belem co-main event.

UFC Fight Night: Shevchenko v Cachoeira Photo by Buda Mendes/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

The UFC Belem co-main event witnessed the UFC’s #1 bantamweight Valentina Shevchenko debut at 125 pounds by completely destroying UFC new comer Priscila Cachoeira. Shevchenko mercilessly beat on her foe for nearly 2 rounds straight, until a rear-naked choke presented itself in the late in the 2nd round. Did Shevchenko just place herself next in line for a shot at Nicco Montano for the UFC flyweight title?

Co-main Event:

Valentina Shevchenko def. Priscila Cachoeira by Submission (RNC) at 4:25 of round 2: (W) Flyweight

Shevchenko came out all business, putting hands on her opponent before changing levels and putting Cachoeira on her back. The ground strikes from Shevchenko were abundant as Cachoeira was leaking blood all over the canvas from the vicious elbows. Cachoeira survived the opening round beat down just to find herself on her back early on in the 2nd round.

The mounted crucifix was the position of choice for Shevchenko, before the former bantamweight title contender briefly attempted a key lock. Shevchenko returned to the mounted crucifix and continued to beat on the UFC new comer until she took full mount, then the back, followed by what seemed like a gazillion more punches. Cachoeira ended up exposing her neck and Shevchenko took the opportunity to strangle her opponent, prompting a frantic tap. What domination!


Shevchenko looking mean at 125 pounds: