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Video: MMA fighter KOs himself, carried out in stretcher

Timothy Woods suffered a scary self-knockout at CES 48 in Lincoln, Rhode Island.


Friday night’s CES 48: Wiuff vs. Rebello card delivered a rare, and frightening, moment during the penultimate fight of the night.

At around the 83 second mark of the first round, Timothy Woods secured a whizzer and attempted to throw his opponent Tim Caron down. However, when the two men crashed to the mat, Woods’ head violently struck the canvas — knocking him out cold.

Caron hit the stunned Woods with three punches on the ground before the referee called off the fight. Caron was declared the winner via knockout.

The entire sequence, which aired on AXS TV can be seen below, courtesy of notable MMA Gif-maker Zombie Prophet.

After the bell, Woods was slow to regain consciousness. According to the 7-6 fighter was eventually removed from the cage via a stretcher, though he was responsive and moving his arms.

Here’s the immediate aftermath of the KO, again via Zombie Prophet.

The unusual ending bears some similarities what went down ten years ago at The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale, which took place at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, NV. Fresh off of what would be remembered as perhaps the greatest season of TUF, former housemates Gray Maynard and Rob Emerson squared off in a fight that would eventually be ruled a no contest.

In that bout, Maynard secured a double leg takedown on Emerson. However, like Woods, Maynard landed on his head during completion of the move and was knocked out. The slam also injured Emerson’s ribs to a degree that he could no longer continue. The bizarre situation lead to this classic post-fight interview between Maynard and UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

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