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Kamaru Usman to ‘p-ssy’ Colby Covington: You know you don’t have a chance against me

Kamaru Usman issues an inflammatory challenge towards controversial welterweight fighter Colby Covington.

Throughout the rifts he has had against fellow fighters, Colby Covington never really taken a big shot at number-eight ranked 170-pounder Kamaru Usman. This has led “The Nigerian Nightmare” to believe that the controversial fighter could be deliberately avoiding him.

“Colby is not f—king with me,” Usman told TMZ Sports. “He won’t say my name, even when you ask him my name. You’re gonna tell me Colby Covington has never heard of me? Even when you ask him, you know what he says? ‘Never heard of that guy.’ Classic case of p-ssy-itis.”

Usman has been pushing for his own shot at Covington, targeting the possible matchup to happen at UFC 224 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June. It is a fight that he sees himself winning easily, given the skills advantage which he believes he holds.

“Don’t be a p-ssy. Come on,” Usman said. “I’m sure eventually you’re gonna have that courage to slowly build yourself back up after you wake up from being knocked out by me in the Octagon. You know it, I know it. You know you don’t have a chance.”

“Wherever you’re strong, I’m stronger. You think I’m fast, I’m faster. You think you’re strong, I’m stronger. You can wrestle, I’m better. And you know I got heat in these hands, you know it. Because I hit people, and I make them do front flips.”

“When have you ever put anybody out? No. So, you know what’s gonna happen, you’re just trying to run from the inevitable, but unfortunately, the time is now. It’s here, people want to see it, I want to see it, so man up, and let’s make it happen.”

Usman last saw action in January in St. Louis, where he scored a unanimous decision win over Emil Meek. Covington, on the other hand, last fought in October against Demian Maia in Sao Paulo, where he also won via unanimous decision.