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Darren Till: Welterweights should be scared of me because I’m a ‘vicious little c-nt’

Darren Till issues a challenge to the rest of the contenders at the UFC’s welterweight division.

Number seven-ranked UFC welterweight contender Darren Till is ready for his next fight. With that in mind, he has begun issuing challenges to the other top contenders at the 170-pound division.

For one, the undefeated 25-year-old Liverpool native is still itching for a scrap against former title contender Stephen Thompson. This matchup has been brought up since November, but “Wonderboy’s” father and manager Ray prefers to “fight forward” and face Rafael dos Anjos instead.

“He’s just got to take the fight. Let’s just f—ing fight,” Till said of Thompson in a recent interview with MMA NYTT (transcript via The Mac Life). “Everyone says I’m not worthy of him — let’s just f—ng fight. Because it’s getting me more lit up now inside. Let’s f—ng do it. Let’s do it. Me and him. Show me how good of a striker you are, because I know I’m better, I know I’ll take his chin clean of, I know I’m better than him.”

“He’s not getting any younger, and I’m the young gun. Let’s just fight,” he continued. “How does he want to fight? Basically, I’ve seen him, he wants to fight [Rafael] Dos Anjos to see who gets the title shot. So if he beats Dos Anjos, which he will beat, does that mean he gets a third go at the title shot? Doesn’t make much sense.”

“We all know he can’t beat Tyron Woodley, so give someone else a chance. So fight me, and beat me, then fight someone else and get yourself a shot if be. Or fight me and lose, and let me fight someone else or let me fight for the title out and see if I can take Tyron out — which I’m the guy to do.”

If the Wonderboy fight does not end up happening, Till is also open to fighting other formidable names in his division.

“I’m not scared of anyone. I’m not scared of Gunnar’s grappling, I’m not scared of Usman’s wrestling, I’m not scared of Woodley’s power and I’m not scared of Thompson’s karate,” Till said. “I don’t give a f—k about any of them. I’m not scared of any of them.”

“They should be f—ing scared of me because I’m a vicious little c-nt. That’s what I am.”

Till last fought in October in Poland, where he stopped Donald Cerrone via first-round knockout. The win also earned him a $50,000 bonus for Performance of the Night.

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