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Fight to Win Pro 64 Results: Lovato Jr. submits Spriggs for heavyweight title

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Rafael Lovato Jr defeated Tim Spriggs for the black belt heavyweight no-gi title in Denver, Colorado.

Fight to Win Pro

Four titles were on the line at Fight to Win Pro 64; headlined by a heavyweight no-gi competition between Tim Spriggs and Rafael Lovato Jr. At the end of the night, Lovato Jr. would walk out of the event with his hand raised and a F2W title around his waist.

Many were anticipating a highly aggressive bout between Spriggs and Lovato Jr, which is exactly what occurred in Denver, Colorado. Wrestling was the first technique of choice as both attempted takedowns but it would be Lovato Jr.’s single leg attempt from his bag that would get the match back to the floor.

Lovato Jr’s pressure passing kept Spriggs on his back until Spriggs found his way to turtle position; opening up the path for Lovato Jr. to take his back. From there it was a matter of time before Lovato Jr. had his hooks in place and moved on to the figure-four body lock. Spriggs attempted to fight off the attack, but he would be forced to submit to a rear naked choke before the ten minute time limit elapsed.

The super heavyweight no-gi title was also on the line as Joao Assis defended his title against Eliot Marshall. Both Marshall and Assis were very aggressive in their approach, but Assis’s strength and passing to better positions earned him the unanimous decision. This was his fifth victory under the Fight to Win Pro banner.

The female purple belt title was on the line on Friday as Mo Black and Amy Montenegro met to see who would take home the belt. The Prime BJJ competitor would show her dominance as Black pulled out the victory via submission to claim the victory.

That wasn’t the only women’s title that was on the line as Vanessa Wexler and Nikki Sullivan competed for the bantamweight no-gi brown belt title. These two women put on a tough battle with a lot of back and forth action. It would be Sullivan who took home the victory, but it wasn’t a clear win as she earned a contentious split decision.

The replay for Fight to Win Pro 64 is available for viewing on

Fight to Win Pro 64 Full Results

Rafael Lovato Jr. defeated Tim Spriggs via RNC

Joao Assis defeated Elliot Marshall via Decision

Conor Heun defeated William Grundhauser via Decision

Jeff Ake defeated Lance Yager via Decision

Don Westman defeated Nick Brown via Estima Lock

Phillip Lietz defeated Brian Sparrow via Decision

Will Grundhauser defeated Sergio Castillo via Decision

Nikki Sullivan defeated Vanessa Wexler via Split Decision

Bruce Bugbee defeated Dan Becker via Inside Heel Hook

Jeremy Hastings defeated Dylan Miller via Armbar

Matt Sierra defated Casey Pratt via Inverted Triangle Armbar

Jenny Lofaro defeated Sharicka Long Oneil via Decision

Aaron Porter defeated Justin Tanke via Decision

Evan Barrett defeated Troy Everett via Armbar

Chris Mierzwiak defeated Joe Miles via Choke

Eric Coe defeated Vance Barksdale via Choke

Matthew Joseph Cano defeated Jeremy Wynia via Decision

AJ Trefonas defeated Cameron Thurgood via Inverted Triangle Armbar

Mo Black defeated Amy Montenegro via RNC

Corey Brenner defeated Daniel Pacharres via Decision

Jake Hartner defeated Sean Speer via Decision

Austen Brinker defeated Jared Haymon via Straight Ankle Lock

Trevor Polhamus defeated Eric Sainz via Knee Bar

Teddy George defeated Michael Costa via Armbar

Lewi Gault defeated Scott Carroll via Armbar

Andy Binol defeated David Wenig via Armbar

Robert Parish defeated Robin Solsbery via RNC

Trav Rivers defeated Jonny Knutson Hee via decision

Dan Dykeman defeated Derek Alumbaugh via Knee Bar