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UFC on FOX 28 results: Jeremy Stephens KOs Josh Emmett after getting dropped in round 1

Jeremy Stephens scored a major knockout win over Josh Emmett in the UFC on FOX 28 main event.

UFC 215: Nunes v Shevchenko 2 Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

The UFC on FOX 28 main event was blessed with some featherweight violence as the #8 Jeremy Stephens knocked the UFC’s #4 featherweight Josh Emmett unconscious in the 2nd round. Stephens overcame being dropped by Emmett in the opening round, and then proceeded to drop his foe in the 2nd stanza with a big left hook. The follow from Stephens was pure savagery, and he put Emmett out cold with some brutal elbows. What will this win do for Stephens’ career?

Main Event:

Jeremy Stephens def. Josh Emmett by KO at 1:35 of round 2: Featherweight

There was a bit of a feeling out process to kick off the UFC Orlando main event, with neither guy really opening up. There was a brief halt to the bout due to an accidental cup kick from Emmett. Just when Stephens moved in with some aggression, Emmett clocks his foe and sits him down with a heavy counter.

Just when Stephens needed something big, he connected with a big bomb that dropped his opponent, and then followed up with some pure violence. A couple of elbows landed, with at least one to the back of the head, followed by a few more big shots and Emmett was laid out unconscious. Yikes! There was controversy over a knee Stephens threw, which appeared to at least graze the head of Emmett while he was a downed opponent. For now, the KO stands.

Watch Stephens KO Emmett:

Emmett has some serious power at 145 pounds:

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