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Frankie Edgar: ‘It’s a shame’ Ben Askren has not been in the UFC

Former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar wants Ben Askren in the UFC.

OneFC Honor & Glory Photo by Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

Undefeated welterweight fighter Ben Askren got to showcase his talents in other promotions like Bellator and ONE Championship, but never got to set foot inside the UFC Octagon. The main reason for this was his long-standing rift with UFC president Dana White, which was never really resolved.

Many believe that the 33-year-old Askren could have been a great addition to the UFC’s 170-pound division. One of them is former UFC lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar.

“I would love to see Askren in the UFC,” Edgar said on a recent episode of the MMA Roasted podcast (transcript via MMA NYTT). “I think it’s a shame that he hasn’t been here. I think people, or at least Dana and the UFC brass don’t want to see him go out there and wrestle guys to death and whatnot, but he’s out there wrestling and finishing guys now. The dude doesn’t get hit and it’s pretty impressive.”

Askren himself broached the idea of a possible fight against Georges St-Pierre, which he sees happening sometime in late 2019 in Montreal. Edgar is also on board with making a fight happen between the two.

“Yeah, that’s like the, ‘who would win out of GSP or him?’ Edgar said. “That’s something people have been talking about for a long time and he’s got the ability to make that fight very interesting because of his wrestling ability. Typically, Georges is the guy with the wrestling ability, but I think Ben might have a hand in there.”

Other personalities in MMA are adamant about bringing Askren into the UFC. Recently, long-time analyst Joe Rogan volunteered himself as a mediator to help out in the negotiations between Askren and the UFC to hopefully come up with a deal.