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UFC Austin main card results and highlights: Vick outpoints Trinaldo, Millender KOs Alves

Check out the results and highlights from the UFC Austin main card, as James Vick earned a unanimous nod over Francisco Trinaldo and Curtis Millender knocked out Thiago Alves.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Austin Alves vs Millender Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

On the UFC Austin main card, the UFC’s #12 lightweight James Vick and the # 14 Francisco Trinaldo fought for the full 15 minutes, with Vick walking away with the unanimous decision win in front of a home crowd. Vick also stated that he dislocated his pinkie finger during the bout, and had to pop it back into place during the fight. Curtis Millender made his promotional debut in style by hurting Thiago Alves early in the 1st round, and then shutting out the lights in the 2nd with a glorious step-in knee knockout. The volume of Brandon Davis was ample tonight as he punched his way to a unanimous decision over the extra tough Steven Peterson. Sage Northcutt overcame some early adversity to earn a hard fought decision over Thibault Gouti to open up the main card.

Main Card:

James Vick def. Francisco Trinaldo by Unanimous Decision (29-28): Lightweight

Vick skirted along the outside the open up the fight, launching kicks high and low at Trinaldo. A long cross landed flush for Vick, dropping his opponent, but Trinaldo was able to scramble into top position. After escaping a guillotine attempt, Vick stood back up and got right back to his kicking attack.

Trinaldo found an early body lock takedown but Vick was quick to get back up and find a takedown of his own, albeit briefly. Open space was a friend to Vick, as his length continued to be a problem for Trinaldo. The pace slowed up a bit with Trinaldo trying to close the distance and Vick using his long kicks to remain out of harms way.

Trinaldo began landing some punches as his opponent backed up in a straight line, and also found some success with the body kick as the output of Vick began to slow down. Vick returned to his long range kicking attack, throwing some variety his opponent’s way.

Look at Vick remaining calm in this guillotine attempt:

Curtis Millender def. Thiago Alves by KO at 4:17 of round 2: Welterweight

Millender took the center of the Octagon to kick off the 1st round, as Alves took his time from the outside. A crisp left hook stunned the veteran momentarily, but Millender opted to not go in for the kill. Just as Alves threw a leg kick, a laser right hand landed flush, and Alves hit the deck. Millender kept his cool, allowing his foe to return to his feet, just to drop him again with another heavy punch. Millender started to walk away and celebrate a bit prematurely, allowing Alves to recover, make it to his feet, and even score a takedown before the end of the round.

Alves seemed to have recovered when he came out for the 2nd stanza, and began to get off with some volume of his own as danced along the outside looking to snipe. Just as Alves started to build a little bit of steam, Millender blasted him with a gorgeous step-in knee that dropped the longtime veteran.

This lethal knee from Millender is a serious problem at 170 pounds:

Did this premature celebration cost Millender a 1st round finish?

Brandon Davis def. Steven Peterson by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-26): Featherweight

These featherweights went right at each other with the 1st minute being predominantly fought in the pocket. Peterson took control of the center of the cage, but it was Davis who was pop shotting with his in and out footwork. By the end of the opening round, Peterson was really wearing it on his face.

Peterson looked for the takedown to begin the 2nd round, but Davis was ready for it and remained standing. The volume of Davis was steady throughout, but he went for an ill-advised takedown that ultimately resulted in Peterson finding top position. Davis would not return to open space for the remainder of the round.

Peterson came out moving forward and putting the pressure on Davis, not giving his opponent the space he needed to strike. The pressure didn’t last, however, and Davis began to unleash some more of his low power volume, and then scored with a huge knee that wobbled Peterson. The chin of Peterson was quite impressive, because he ate all sorts of strikes without going down.

Davis has that output on deck:

The chin of Peterson is top notch:

Sage Northcutt def. Thibault Gouti by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3): Lightweight

After eating a stiff right hand to start the fight, Northcutt responded by blasting a beautiful double leg takedown into side control. Gouti remained relatively safe and returned to hit feet where he blasted Northcutt with another heavy right hand. Northcutt would recover and find a way to slow the pace of the fight for the remainder of the round.

Gouti got his hands going again early in the 2nd round, cracking Northcutt with another hard right hand before taking top position. Northcutt struggled to get up from under the top pressure of Gouti, and spent a substantial amount of time on the ground. Northcutt did make it back to his feet, and the referee helped him find open space, but he was unable to inflict any meaningful damage on Gouti before the round ended.

Northcutt seemed to be the fresher of the two fighters, landing a bit of volume on the feet, but ultimately giving up the takedown up against the cage. Gouti was able to hold the position for a bit, but mounted little to no offense before Northcutt scrambled back to his feet. Northcutt landed a bit more volume and then attempted a takedown of his own, but Gouti stuffed it to stay on his feet. It was a pretty close fight overall.


The real highlight of the fight:

This was probably Northcutt’s best strike of the fight:

The right hand of Gouti was getting Northcutt’s attention: