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EBI 15 full results and video: Late replacement Calestine wins featherweight title

Calestine defeats Martinez, Eddy defeats Honstein for CJJ 135-pound title

Jon Calestine debuted at EBI 15 and walked out the featherweight champion.
Blanca Garcia

Jon Calestine and Geo Martinez had two very different paths to the final round of EBI 15. The Renzo Gracie and 10th Planet standouts had to go through a very competitive field but they would meet in the finals in a match for the EBI featherweight title. It would be Calestine who would come out victorious and become the new featherweight champion.

Calestine ran through the men that stood in front of him; winning all of his fights by heel hook to take his place in the finals. Martinez, on the other hand, had two very tough bouts that went to overtime, raising questions as to whether or not he would have the stamina to maintain through the final bout. But another extended bout waited in the finals and it would be Calestine who would take the victory via riding time in overtime; stopping Martinez from regaining the 145-pound title and adding to his 135-pound championship.

Calestine joined this tournament on short notice as he filled in for his teammate who was forced out due to sickness. This was very similar to the path that Gordon Ryan took when he filled in for Cummings back at the EBI Absolute event.

“I’m good because I worked for this [expletive] every day,” Calestine said. “Thanks to Eddie for giving me the shot and always believing me. I owe a lot in my life to him.”

Calestine wasn’t the only new champion crowed as Ben Eddy defeated Nick Honstein to take his bantamweight Combat Jiu Jitsu title.

The two men didn’t trade many big strikes during their bout, but exchanged multiple positions throughout the contest. Neither was able to gain an advantage, but all of that would change as Eddy was able to secure an armbar in overtime to get the victory. The CJJ title was not the only belt he earned, however, as he was awarded his black belt at center stage.

EBI 15 is available for replay viewing via the UFC Fight Pass platform.

EBI 15 Full Results

First Round

Jon Calestine defeats Edwin Ocasio via heel hook

Jason Hayden defeats Juan Rosales via RNC in OT

John Battle defeats Joao Taveras via Heel hook

Mike Davila defeats Rodrigo Lima via Heel hook

Geo Martinez (bantamweight champion) defeats Pablo Alfonso via calf slicer

Ashley Williams defeats Sergio Hernandez via triangle-armbar

Elias Anderson defeats Kevin Berbrich via OT time

Rafael Domingos defeats Sergio Perez via flying triangle

Second Round

Calestine defeats Hayden via heel hook

Davila defeats Battle via heel hook

Martinez defeats Williams via RNC in OT

Domingos defeats Anderson via choke

Third Round

Calestine defeats Davila via Heel hook

Martinez defeats Domingos via armbar in OT

CJJ Bantamweight Title bout

Eddy defeats Honstein via armbar in OT- gets his black belt on the mat

Final Round

Calestine defeats Martinez via riding time in OT

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