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George Groves vs. Chris Eubank Jr free live stream, results, round-by-round coverage

Get round by round results and full fight coverage here for the big World Boxing Super Series super-middleweight semifinal between George Groves and Chris Eubank Jr.

George Groves and Chris Eubank Jr. Press Conference Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

The World Boxing Super Series super-middleweight semifinals commence today (February 17th) with a highly intriguing all-British clash between WBA champion George Groves (27-3, 20 KOs) and Chris Eubank Jr (26-1, 20 KOs) at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

Groves’ title is on the line here, as well as a place in the final for both men, with the Callum Smith vs. Juergen Braehmer winner to be determined next week in Germany. It should be an excellent fight between Groves and Eubank Jr, with an electric atmosphere to boot.

Bloody Elbow is here not only to provide live round-by-round coverage of the main event, but also a FREE live stream for the whole card. This only applies to South, Central, and North America (except Canada), France, and Spain. World Boxing Super Series will stream video of both the undercard and the main event, but in two separate videos. The undercard is expected to start at around 2 PM ET/11 AM PT, with the main event at 5 PM ET/2 PM PT.

Undercard live stream

Main Event live stream

George Groves vs. Chris Eubank Jr - World Boxing Super Series semifinals

Round 1 - They trade jabs early. Groves lands his left hand. Eubank swings a right to the body and it hits Groves’ arm. Another jab scores for Groves. Eubank jabs back at his opponent. Groves doing the better jabbing so far. Eubank misses on a left hook. Nice right hand to the nose of Groves. Right hand over the top for Groves. Good jab by Eubank with 15 seconds left in the opening frame. Groves with a couple of punches late. 10-9 Groves.

Round 2 - Eubank reaches and misses on a jab. Grove with a jab and he is off target on the right hand. Groves pressuring and throws another right that lands this time. Eubank with some body shots in the clinch. Good counter left hook by Groves. Two good shots by Groves. He continues to land that jab. Right to the body by Eubank. Slip from Eubank, no knockdown. A flurry of punches by Eubank to bully Groves in the corner! Groves goes back to his jab. Not much happens in the final few seconds. 20-18 Groves.

Round 3 - Good right cross by Groves off the jab. Eubank was hunched over for a moment. Body shot and a right hand by Eubank! Eubank throwing wildly and Groves might be buzzed! Referee separates them after some big power punches by Eubank. Body jab thrown by Groves. Eubank is cut over his right eye. Two-punch combo by Groves. Slick jab again for Groves, as Eubank recklessly charges in and can’t land anything there. Left hook by Eubank is off the mark. Round ends. Close one that I shade to Eubank. 29-28 Groves.

Round 4 - The cut was caused by an accidental head clash, which makes things interesting as far as the fight potentially going to a technical decision. Eubank with some dirty boxing, throwing right hands to the side of the head. Groves doing far better at range, and he’s landed another counterpunch. Groves tags Eubank a few more times! Eubank eats one more right, then a jab. Lead left hook and a right cross by Eubank, which leads to Groves tying up. Eubank with a good left hook again in the closing seconds. 39-37 Groves.

Round 5 - Lunging left hook by Eubank connects cleanly. They both land jabs. Uppercut by Eubank and then a left hook that’s way off. Eubank turning up the heat but it’s a bit sloppy. Slick left by Groves. Chris’ cut continues to bleed significantly. Groves with like three straight rights to the back of the head, and he’s warned by the referee. Heavy artillery exchanged on the inside. Two uppercuts by Eubank to finish the round. 48-47 Groves.

Round 6 - Eubank going to work in close quarters, Groves firing back and then shoving Eubank through the ropes. It’s gotten a bit nasty in there and the ref has a word with both men. Body shot and uppercut by Eubank, Groves evading several of the other punches Eubank threw. Wild left hook is way off for Eubank. Stiff jab on the back foot by Groves. Eubank with body shots and an uppercut. He’s trying to bully Groves and it’s certainly not much in the way of technical boxing skill. 57-57.

Round 7 - Groves with a right hand from distance. Might have been another clash of heads. Another right and then a body blow by Groves. Eubank trying to tee off but Groves shows solid footwork, then jabs Eubank twice more. Two-punch combo by Groves momentarily stops Eubank in his tracks! Eubank launches another left hook attack, then digs the ribcage before the ref separates them. Left hook scores for Eubank, then he wades in and falls down sloppily. Good countershot by Groves to end the round! 67-66 Groves.

Round 8 - Eubank again trying to throw that left hook and Groves dodges it. Another clumsy bumrush forward and then a short right hand before the ref restarts them from center ring. Two whiffs by Eubank and Groves connects in that exchange. Eubank is getting frustrated. Wide left hook by Eubank and Groves just takes it without issue. Big right cross by Groves! Then Eubank answers with a left hook! Eubank gets caught with a big shot again! They swing away before the bell sounds! Best round of the fight. 77-75 Groves.

Round 9 - Eubank going after Groves and landing several uppercuts while (illegally) holding the back of Groves’ head. Groves showing off a good chin. Shovel hook is slow and short for Eubank. He’s off target on a right hand. Good uppercut by Groves and now Eubank launches forward with one more blitzing attack. Groves breathing out of his mouth now. Hard right hand by Groves and Eubank retaliates with more dirty boxing. He’s throwing nothing but haymakers at this point, and Groves is avoiding most of them. Both men punch after the bell. 87-84 Groves.

Round 10 - Vicious lead left hook from Eubank to begin the 10th! But he doesn’t follow-up. Good counter right by Groves after a Eubank jab. Good jab by Groves. Eubank charges ahead and damn near got tossed to the ground. Groves drops Eubank! Wait! No! No knockdown. Ref calls it a slip. Eubank throws a bunch of uppercuts and then they separate. Eubank may be hurt on a countershot after landing some good shots on Groves! There’s a counter-left by Groves, Eubank firing back, round ends! 97-93 Groves.

Round 11 - Left hook again by Eubank and then a right uppercut. Groves steps away and retreats. No success for Groves on an overhand right. Left hook glances for Eubank. He can’t get anything done after that, as he pushed Groves against the ropes. Sharp uppercuts by Eubank split Groves’ guard. Massive right hand spins Eubank around! Now he attacks Groves back! Groves trying to fend off an exhausted and bloodied Eubank! Chris is going for broke but Groves is staying upright and landing the better, cleaner punches. 107-102 Groves.

Round 12 - Once again, left hook by Eubank starts the round. Eubank with more wacky haymakers barely looking at his target. The accuracy is not there. Groves digs the body while fighting off the ropes. Groves now taunting Eubank after his latest whiff. Short uppercuts by Eubank score. Lovely counter right hand by Groves, as Eubank continues to pressure. Long uppercut is way off. Groves with a right hand, Eubank doing all he can to tag Eubank but Groves lands a hard right hand! They’re going into full brawl mode and swinging with bad intentions! Now Groves might be hurt! Uppercut by Groves as a totally spent Eubank and they clinch in the final seconds. What a wacky fight this was. 116-112 Groves.

Official result - George Groves def. Chris Eubank Jr by unanimous decision (117-112, 116-112, 115-113) to defend his WBA super-middleweight title and advance to the WBSS tournament final

Fight Card

George Groves def. Chris Eubank Jr by unanimous decision (117-112, 116-112, 115-113) (12 rounds, super-middleweights)

Ryan Walsh vs. Isaac Lowe ends in a draw (115-114, 114-115, 115-115) (12 rounds, featherweights)

Tommy Langford def. Jack Arnfeld by unanimous decision (116-113, 116-113, 117-113) (12 rounds, middleweights)

Zach Parker def. Adasat Rodriguez by KO, round 2 (10 rounds, super-middleweights)

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