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Video: Ryan Bader wears just his Bellator title belt, aids two giant Pikachu as the ‘Curtain of Distraction’

ASU alum Ryan Bader was a guest star at his alma mater’s basketball game, causing a huge stir as a part of their ‘Curtain of Distraction’ with two huge Pikachu.

Arizona v Arizona State Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

It’s times like these that it’s a joy to be an MMA writer. That might seem like a weird thing to say, since there’s really not much going on in the world of mixed martial arts right now. Nothing groundbreaking, anyway. But no - it’s the simpler things that make this job fun.

Like Bellator light heavyweight champion Ryan Bader parading around in nothing but his title belt while standing between two gigantic Pikachu, trying to distract guys shooting free throws at a college basketball game.

Look, I couldn’t make up that last sentence if I tried. This really happened. And there’s video from last night’s Arizona State vs. Arizona game to prove it:

ASU calls it the “Curtain of Distraction”. And I love it. Bader joins such luminaries as Michael Phelps (who wore a skimpy gold speedo) and Diamondbacks pitcher Archie Bradley who have joined in on the fun in the past.

Unfortunately the Curtain of Distraction came up short last night, with Arizona taking a 77-70 win over Bader’s alma mater. Bader will return to the cage on May 12th to take on King Mo Lawal in the first round of Bellator’s Heavyweight Grand Prix.