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CM Punk opens up as betting favorite over Floyd Mayweather in UFC fight

Just in case you were wondering, if Floyd Mayweather were to fight CM Punk inside the Octagon, he would be the underdog.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

In combat sports, you never know what matchup might actually get booked, so why not entertain the possibility of Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. CM Punk inside of the UFC Octagon? No really - even Jeff Mayweather is all about it. So, if the planets did align, or misalign depending on your perspective, and this MMA match did actually happen, who would win?

Well, online betting site BetDSI has CM Punk largely favored over Mayweather, with Punk clocking in at -300 to “Money” May’s underdog line of +220. Aside from Diego Corrales and Genaro Hernandez, Mayweather is not known to open up as an underdog. In fact, check out the 50-0 retired boxer’s betting odds from his past 18 fights, courtesy of

  • When Bloody Elbow inquired about these possible future betting lines, a representative from BetDSI had this to say;

“If they fought in UFC, Punk would probably destroy him. Punk’s size will come into play, and he’s been grappling with high level guys for some time now. He’ll get the fight to the floor and finish Floyd. Punk via ground.”

In the not too distant past, world champion pro boxer James Toney was welcomed to the Octagon by former world champion UFC veteran Randy Couture at UFC 118 in 2010, with the betting odds finding the favored Couture at -600 to Toney’s large underdog line of +450. Those guys were in the same weight class, but Couture had far more MMA experience than his opponent, and proved the odds makers right by making short work of the boxer, submitting Toney in under four minutes.

At 0-1, CM Punk doesn’t exactly have that much more MMA experience than does Mayweather, but he does fight at 170 pounds. Mayweather’s boxing bout with Conor McGregor was held at 154 pounds, to which Mayweather weighed in much lighter at 149.5 pounds. Before that, he clocked in at 146 pounds for his fight with Andre Berto, so you’re talking about a 20-pound weight discrepancy between the two.

To provide some more betting odds and to shed some light on the chances that this impossible matchup actually happens, representative Trevor Dueck told Bloody Elbow the following;

”The idea of Conor McGregor getting into a boxing ring with the greatest pound-for-pound pugilist of this generation was ludicrous when it was first raised. The notion of a 40-plus Floyd Mayweather becoming a UFC rookie is similarly wild, but the gigantic sums of money at stake brought the former to fruition and could do the same for the latter. That said, the odds of it being against former WWE superstar CM Punk are slim (500/1). Punk (0-1 as an MMA practitioner) is currently in negotiations to fight Mike Jackson at UFC 225 and outweighs Mayweather by at least 20 pounds (on a good day).”

If this hypothetical fight were to go ahead:

CM Punk 9/11 (Favorite)

Floyd Mayweather 11/9

Hey, it could happen?