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CineMMA: The classic films of combat sports - The Set-Up

A look at the best - and sometimes the worst - combat sport films ever produced. On this episode Zane Simon and John S. Nash discuss Robert Wise’s 1949 film, The Set-Up, starring Robert Ryan and Audrey Totter.

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We already know you love face-punching, or you wouldn’t be here. But, if you love movies as well, then we’ve got a brand new show for you. Each episode, John S. Nash and Zane Simon will be diving in to one of history’s great combat sports movies for a closer look at how the real world themes of fighting translate to the big screen.

In general, the focus will keep to actual combat sports displayed on film - there will be a lot of boxing - so we’ll largely be staying away from Kung Fu movies and their ilk. But we’ll likely make a few exceptions here and there if we can find a good reason to stretch the point.

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