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EBI 15 featherweight tournament: Cummings looks to defend title, BW champ Martinez moves up

EBI’s featherweight tournament features Cummings, Geo Martinez, Joe Soto and more

Cummings and Soto may meet again in the finals of EBI 15
Blanca Garcia

The Eddie Bravo Invitational is back this weekend as EBI 15 features the featherweights. One of the premiere professional grappling competitions in the industry brings together some of the top competitors in the weight class. At the top of the heap is current EBI featherweight champion, Eddie Cummings, is looking to reassert himself in the organization as injuries have hampered his recent appearances.

When talking about the featherweight tournament, the conversation should start with Cummings. The Danaher Death Squad member has proven that he can take control of this style of competition as he first won the featherweight title at EBI 4 and defended the belt at EBI 7. He also had a strong run at EBI 10 but was defeated by Geo Martinez in the final round. Injuries have kept Cummings from being very active since 2016, but when he returned to Fight to Win Pro twice in 2017 he was victorious in both outings.

Martinez comes into this competition as the EBI bantamweight champion and is looking to add another title to his collection. As mentioned, he defeated Cummings in a hotly contested bout back in 2016. He’s a three-time EBI champion and the 10th Planet standout brings a wealth of experience beyond that. It will be interesting to see if the additional weight plays to his advantage as he pushes for his fourth EBI victory.

Whenever talking about this type of grappling events, it’s important to look at some of the dark horse competitors as well. Joe Soto stands out as a name to watch on Saturday. He’s already proven that point once; at EBI 4 he defeated both Martinez and the ever dangerous Joao Miyao before facing off against Cummings in the finals. Keep an eye on the former UFC title challenger as he may make another surprising run this weekend.

The rest of the field features other competitors that have additional experience in EBI tournaments. For example, Kevin Berbrich, Mike Davila, John Battle and Joao Marinho have all stepped onto the EBI mats in the past. This is the type of tournament where experience and strong knowledge of the rules can come into play, so keep an eye on these athletes as well.

EBI 15 will also feature a Combat Jiu Jitsu bout between Nick Honstein and Ben Eddy in the bantamweight division.

EBI 15 will be available for viewing live on UFC Fight Pass as it hails from MusclePharm HQ in Burbank, California.

Full EBI 15 list of competitors

Eddie Cummings (Renzo Gracie Academy)

Geo Martinez (10th Planet Freaks)

Kevin Berbrich (10th Planet Freaks)

John Battle (McHugh BJJ)

Joe Soto (Central Valley Combat Academy)

Sergio Perez (Hayastan Academy)

Sergio Hernandez (Arena MMA/Baret Submissions)

Edwin Ocasio (Unity BJJ)

Jason Hayden (Gracie Fishhawk)

Joao Marinho (GF Team)

Mike Davila (Marcelo Garcia)

Rafael Domingos (Zenith BJJ)

Ashley Williams (CRA)

Rodrigo Lima (Caio Terra Academy)

Juan Rosales (Vagner Rocha Martial Arts)

Pablo Alfonso (Ultimate Training Center)

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