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Jeff Mayweather on Floyd’s MMA move: We might actually whoop CM Punk’s ass first

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Jeff Mayweather may not know who CM Punk is, but he believes his nephew Floyd could lay a beating on the former WWE superstar.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has made a lot of noise over the past couple of weeks, dropping hints about a possible transition to MMA. While the mere idea of it is absurd for many, UFC president Dana White says it is the only sensible move to make, if they were to set up a rematch against Conor McGregor.

Another idea that has been floating around since Mayweather teased about his MMA move was a possible fight against CM Punk. The former WWE star, who would have a significant size advantage, is a big enough name but isn’t the same threat as many on the UFC roster.

Jeff Mayweather was recently asked about what he thought of his nephew possibly fighting Punk, and he was immediately on board with the idea.

“I don’t know who that is, but we might actually whoop his ass first,” Jeff told Jody Kohn in a somewhat confrontational interview they had last week.

As for Floyd’s possible MMA run and fighting McGregor inside the cage, Jeff admitted that his nephew would struggle, especially if the fight was taken to the mat. However, he believes the retired undefeated boxer has a chance to pull an upset if he kept the fight within boxing range.

“He has a chance because, first of all, he’s way faster than Conor, he’s way more elusive than Conor, and he punches harder than Conor,” the elder Mayweather said.

“It’s about no f—king shoulder roll. It’s about Floyd using his legs, being smart. If Floyd gets kicked or elbowed or gets kneed, anything like that, of course, the chances are he’s gonna lose.”

“If Floyd uses his legs – and I’m talking about to f—king dance around (and move), ain’t no f—king running around,” he continued. “This is part of boxing, (and) MMA fighters do it too. But they can’t do it as well as him, and that’s the difference.

“As long as he does that, he gives himself a chance. He gives himself a chance because he keeps it within striking distance. But if Floyd gets taken down, the fight’s gonna be over.”

Mayweather and McGregor recently went at it on social media, where Nate Diaz also joined in on the tirades.