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Fight to Win Pro 62 Results: Jake Shields remains undefeated with win over Kit Dale

Jake Shields continues his unbeaten record in Fight to Win Pro competition.

Jake Shields wins his third Fight to Win Pro contest
Mike Calimbas

Fight to Win Pro continued its busy February as another anticipated bout headlined Fight to Win Pro 62 in Oakland, California on Saturday. In the end it would be former MMA champion, Jake Shields, who would remain undefeated in F2W competition as he took a decision victory over grappling veteran, Kit Dale.

Shields was very aggressive from the start of the match as he looked to attack with surprise guillotines; hoping to catch Dale out of position. When those tactics did not work, the contest turned into a battle on the feet as both men looked for a way to end up on top. Shields is known for being an effective wrestler, a skill he’s used to thwart competitors for years, but it would be Dale who hit a fireman’s carry to create a scramble. Somehow, Shields was able to quickly return to his feet and keep Dale from fully capitalizing on the position.

The action would reach the ground with only one minute left as Shields decided to sit to the floor. Dale took the opportunity to attack with D’arce chokes while sitting inside the half guard. Shields found a way to get to Dale’s legs and attempted a leg lock as the waning seconds in the match elapsed. That attempt, along with Shields’ aggressiveness throughout the matchup was enough for him to get the unanimous decision victory in his third Fight to Win Pro appearance.

In the co-main event, Marvin Castelle and Travis Magalit put on an Imanari rolling show in their 155-pound lightweight no-gi bout. Castelle set the grappling community ablaze with his highlight reel finish when he rolled into the heel hook last year. He tried to do so again but Magalit wanted none of that. The two would trade attacks back and forth, but Magalit would end up on top in a position that allowed him to slam Castelle over and over. That aggression was the motive that allowed him to take home the unanimous decision victory in a very close contest.

Two other UFC veterans appeared on the card as Ramsey Nijem and Tyson Griffin faced off in 165-pond, brown belt, no-gi contest. Nijem pulled out the split decision victory in his first appearance for the promotion.

Fight to Win Pro leadership reported that $46,135 was paid out in fighter salaries at the event.

Fight to Win Pro 62 Full Results

Black Belt Results

Jake Shields defeats Kit Dale via Decision

Travis Magalit defeats Marvin Castelle via Decision

Matthew Todd defeats Mike Murrell via Decision

Sergio Luiz E Silva defeats Miles Lukas via Split Decision

Sean Nikmorad defeats James Cotter via Armbar

Ahmed White defeats Adam Sachnoff split via Decision

Danny Bohigian defeats Evan Esguerra via Decision

Jake Scovel defeats Keith Fukumae via Estima Lock

Jason Butcher defeats Omar Kasdi via Triangle

Ron Keslar defeats Dom Hoskins via Decision

Leonard Alexander Canders Jr defeats Shane Torres via Decision

Daniel Ripper defeats Christian Hernandez via Knee Bar

Nicholas Greene defeats Chris Coldiron via Kimura

Rodrigo Antunes defeats Newton Casemiro via Choke

Dustin Akbari defeats Darin Cooley via Decision

Mike Mitchell Defeats Tim Freeman via Rear Naked Choke

Brown Belt Results

Ramsey Nijem defeats Tyson Griffin via Split Decision

Jeremy Jackson defeats Andy Landaverry via Toe Hold

Tracy Pham defeats Victoria Tome via Knee Bar

Ryan Walsh defeats Rich Flores via Lapel Choke

Brett Bryon defeats Alex Yocum via Darce

Joseph Kropschot defeats Benji Silva via Rear Naked Choke

Derek Van Ness defeats Jacob Pangelinan via Triangle

Purple Belt Results

Arvind K Gupta defeats Sacha Feinman via Decision

Norman Aaron defeats Bryan Gerges via Triangle

Michael Clark defeats Matthew Reynolds

Christina Nascimento defeats Gina Sudaria via Choke

Carlos Capela defeats Glen Holmes via Cross Choke

Baldwin Chu defeats Francisco Barajas via Choke

Faisal Barakat defeats Robert Uribe via Decision

Arrion Luke defeats Amir Lacy via Decision