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UFC 231 results: Max Holloway busts up Brian Ortega, wins by doctor’s stoppage TKO

Max Holloway stopped Brian Ortega to retain his featherweight belt in the UFC 231 main event.

The UFC 231 main event just witnessed Max Holloway stop Brian Ortega to retain his featherweight belt. Holloway landed all sorts of punches throughout the fight, and Ortega was game and kept coming forward, but Ortega was unable to answer the bell for the fifth round due to a badly swollen left eye.

The featherweights went right to work, with Holloway landing early. Ortega was getting tagged up by the champ, prompting him to switch to a takedown attempt. Holloway did a great job of staying vertical and dealing out more punches. Ortega put a nice flurry together at the end of the round, but it wasn’t enough to steal the frame.

Holloway opened the second round with a heavy leg kick that caused Ortega to switch stances. The straight punches from the champ busted up the face of Ortega, causing all sorts of bleeding. Holloway continued to land clean punches, but Ortega kept throwing back.

Ortega rallied in the third round, putting together a combination that sent the champ stumbling. After a brief takedown from Ortega, the war continued on its feet. Holloway gave up double underhooks up against the fence, but found open space and got back to punching. The round ended with Ortega pressing the champ up against the cage.

Holloway came out aggressive to open the fourth act, throwing punches in bunches. Holloway poured it on, landing blow after blow as Ortega was getting outclassed. Ortega shot in for the takedown, but the champ was having none of it. The left eye of Ortega began to swell shut at this point, as he absorbed all sorts of damage.

Max Holloway def. Brian Ortega by TKO at 5:00 of round 4: Featherweight Title