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UFC 231 results: Dawodu decisions Bochniak, Santos sleeps Manuwa in wild fight

On the UFC 231 PPV main card, Hakeem Dawodu defeated Kyle Bochniak by decision, and Thiago Santos KO’d Jimi Manuwa.

The UFC 231 PPV is in progress and Hakeem Dawodu just won a decisive decision over Kyle Bochniak, even if the judge’s called it a split. Dawodu used his crisp strikes and solid takedown defense to dictate the fight and out-land his opponent. Dawodu now enjoys a two-fight winning streak.

Kicking off the PPV, unranked light heavyweight Thiago Santos knocked out the the company’s #7 ranked Jimi Manuwa in the second round. Right out of the gate it was all action, and never let up. Santos put together a lethal uppercut to hook combo that slumped Manuwa 21 seconds into the second round. Santos is on a tear at 205-pounds and should definitely be ranked after this fight.

Main card:

Hakeem Dawodu def. Kyle Bochniak by split decision (30-27 x2, 28-29): Featherweight

Bochniak came out playing the outside as Dawodu took the center. A bit of feeling out was going on as each man measured the other. It was Dawodu who was throwing more of the strikes, but it was Bochniak who shifted gears and began hunting for the takedown. Dawodu was taken down but sprung right back to his feet without much trouble.

Dawodu kept up his volume in the second frame, keeping Bochniak on the outside. Bochniak realized another takedown, but that one was also short-lived. Bochniak seemed like he was struggling to find his rhythm, mostly because of Dawodu’s striking. Even when Bochniak would clinch up, Dawodu had an answer to escape.

Bochniak showed a sense of urgency to kick off the final frame, but Dawodu used the aggression against him. Again, Bochniak hunted for the takedown, but again Dawodu was defending well. When Bochniak finally got the fight down to the ground, Dawodu scrambled back up to his feet before any damage could be dished out.

Thiago Santos def. Jimi Manuwa by KO at :21 of round 2: Light Heavyweight

Santos put hands on Manuwa right away, dropping him. Manuwa was in big trouble before clinching up out of desperation. It seemed as if Manuwa recovered as he began throwing back and the fight turned into a bit of a brawl. Santos slipped on a kick, giving Manuwa top position at the end of the round. Just as soon as round two started, it was over. Santos caught Manuwa up against the cage and slept him with a brutal uppercut to left hook. Yikes!