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MMA Squared: How I learned to stop hating, and love Sage Northcutt

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Sage Northcutt’s departure from the UFC is a fascinating development, more complex than the “past their prime” trope. On a personal level it completes a cycle in which I’ve come around from hater to... fan?

Welcome to MMA Squared! Hello, my name is Chris and I used to be a Sage Northcutt hater. The Backstreet Boys look, the karate, the flip...

When he lost his first fight I drew this:

original title: He’s got ‘It,’ but does he have what it takes?

After a post-fight online bashing, the kid maintained a positive attitude and kept fighting.

Headlining a card vs Mickey Gall the first interesting development happened: we saw a genuine emotion: anger. Glimpsing an non-choreographed moment makes a life-sized Ken doll relatable.

...and he kept fighting.

Learning about seasoning with Tyron Woodley was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I couldn’t hate on this kid. Ned Flanders + Backstreet Boys + Spy Kids is an acquired taste, but I’ve been won over.

Good luck at ONE, Sage. I hope you land on your feet.

As always, MMA Squared is brought to you by Combat Wombat. An expression of marsupial violence known... somewhere. Thanks everyone, take care of yourself and see you tomorrow for the MMA Squared Caption Contest!