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Episode 1 - Flight to Fight: Thai Boxing in Thailand

Check out the first episode of Bloody Elbow’s original series, where Eddie Mercado travels to Thailand to train and compete in Muay Thai.

Welcome to the first episode of Flight to Fight: Thai Boxing in Thailand! Watch Bloody Elbow’s own Eddie Mercado, yours truly, get set to travel around the globe to Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand to train and fight.

In this episode, viewers will follow me as I make my final preparations before heading out, including checking out my home gym in Virginia Beach, Virginia. That’s where the audience will meet the squad that has been whipping me into shape. Also in this episode, I receive a special delivery in the mail, and then later on a messy situation arises during my final training session inside of the U.S. Towards the end of the video, I’ll say my goodbyes before hopping on my flight and taking off to Thailand. Be sure to be on the lookout for episode two, where I finally arrive in Phuket after the longest flight of my life.

This video series is presented by OddsShark, and also made possible by Spartyka Nation, Tiger Muay Thai, Diego Bispo Academy and Harvey Grasse Muay Thai, as well as MASF Supplements, as well as others.

The plan:

  • Travel to Phuket, Thailand
  • Train at Tiger Muay Thai
  • See the sights & hear the sounds of Phuket
  • Experience the Thai culture
  • Compete in Muay Thai fight
  • Spend New Years in Tokyo
  • Travel back to the U.S.A.


  • I spend so much time covering combat sports that I feel like putting myself through a camp, and competing in an actual fight, will give me a better understanding of what living that life is like. Training is one thing, competing is another. What better place to Thai Box than Thailand?
  • I want to show people that they don’t have to want to be a UFC champion to compete in combat sports. You can just be a regular dude, like me, and go to a place like Tiger Muay Thai, learn some skills, and live out your dream.
  • I want to prove that excuses are lame and if you want something bad enough, then you owe it to yourself to go after it with gusto.
  • I don’t want to be old and gray, sitting around wondering what if. I’d rather be old and gray watching the Flight to Fight video series with no regrets, reminiscing on my time in Thailand.
  • Bruh, it’s Phuket, Thailand.

Why not? (Excuses):

  • None.

How to watch:

Making this possible: