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Video: Floyd Mayweather TKOs Tenshin Nasukawa in round 1 of Rizin 14 bout

Floyd Mayweather just stopped Tenshin Nasukawa in round 1 their boxing exhibition at RIZIN FF 14.

Floyd Mayweather and Tenshin Nasukawa just put on a special rules boxing exhibition at RIZIN FF 14.

Mayweather moved forward behind his jab as Tenshin looked to counter. Mayweather scored an early knockdown, but Tenshin answered the count. Mayweather moved in and again knocked down his foe, but Tenshin got back up. Mayweather moved in aggressively, knocking down Tenshin for a third time, ending the exhibition.

Tenshin was hardly competitive, which isn’t surprising since Mayweather is arguably the greatest boxer of his era and had a significant size advantage. Mayweather gave the crowd a show, and surely made a boat load of money for a few minutes of work inside the cage.

Afterwards on the mic, Mayweather insisted that he is still retired as a professional boxer, and this exhibition was all about entertainment. Is this the last we will see of Floyd Mayweather? Perhaps only time will tell and as they always say... money talks.