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Rizin FF 14 main card results and video: Kyoji Horiguchi subs Darrion Caldwell in round 3

Kyoji Horiguchi just submitted Bellator champ Darrion Caldwell to retain his own bantamweight title on the RIZIN FF 14 main card.

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RIZIN 14 is in progress and Kyoji Horiguchi just submitted Bellator’s bantamweight king Darrion Caldwell in the third round of their champion vs. champion matchup, retaining his 135-pound title. Horiguchi is now on an eleven-fight winning streak.

Before that, Ayaka Hamasaki overcame an early eye poke fromKana Asakura to land some solid punches in the opening round. Come round two, a botched takedown from Asakura led to Hamasaki taking top position followed by a successful armbar to capture RIZIN’s super-atomweight belt.

Also on the card, Jiri Prochazka weathered the early storm of Brandon Halsey to materialize a TKO via ground strikes six and a half minutes into the opening round. Prochazka now enjoys a seven-fight winning streak. Remaining undefeated, Gabi Garcia ran right through Barbara Nepomuceno. Garcia took the fight to the ground and quickly sniffed out an Americana in just over two and a half minutes of the opening round.

Damien Brown caught an opportunistic guillotine choke off of a Daron Cruickshank takedown in the opening round. The win snapped a three-fight losing skid for Brown, who called out Takanori Gomi in his post-fight interview. UFC veteran Johnny Case let his strikes go tonight. He tagged up Yusuke Yachi with head kicks and punches, ultimately opening up the cut above the eye that led to a second round doctor stoppage.

Another exciting finish on the card came when Yuki Motoya made quick work of former UFC fighter Justin Scoggins. Motoya clipped his foe with strikes, prompting a Scoggins takedown, and then sniffed out a triangle choke from his back in the first round. In his first bout since departing from the UFC, Ulka Sasaki leaned on his grappling, particularly his wrestling to earn himself a unanimous decision over Manel Kape.

Main card:

Kyoji Horiguchi def. Darrion Caldwell by submission (Guillotine) in round 3: 61kg Title

Caldwell shot in early getting a takedown against the ropes. Horiguchi worked his way to his feet and took the back of Caldwell. Horiguchi quickly found himself in a Kimora attempt, with Caldwell hanging halfway out of the ropes. The referee moved them closer to the center before restarting the action. Horiguchi exploded back up to his feet. The bantamweights swapped head kicks, and then Horiguchi knocked Caldwell off balance with a body kick.

Caldwell exploded with a takedown to start the second stanza. As Horiguchi stood up, Caldwell landed a set of vicious knees. Horiguchi gave up another takedown in the corner, and Caldwell was able to spend much more time on top. Caldwell was glued to his opponent, giving Horiguchi zero space to work with. Horiguchi found separation but it was about one second before the bell rang.

Horiguchi took the center of the ring as Caldwell skirted the outside. Caldwell got clipped coming in, but was still able to pull off another takedown. Horiguchi quickly locked up a guillotine and Caldwell was forced to tap.

Ayaka Hamasaki def. Kana Asakura by submission (Armbar) at of round 2: 49kg Title

An accidental eye poke from Hamasaki caused an early pause to the bout. Asakura came out aggressive and scored a brief takedown. Asakura started letting her punches fly, tagging her opponent a few times. Hamasaki returned fire as she looked to counter her aggressive foe. Asakura took the back off of a botched throw, and landed a few strikes before the fight returned to its feet.

Asakura came out throwing her hands being more planted in her stance than her opposition. Asakura shot in for the takedown, but Hamasaki flipped it on her and got a takedown herself. Hamasaki took the back and then quickly attacked an armbar. Asakura fought it off for a second, but was dead to rights and had no choice but to tap.

Jiri Prochazka def. Brandon Halsey by TKO at 6:30 of round 1: 93kg

Halsey immodestly shot in and took the back with one hook in to start the ten-minute round. Prochazka spun to his back, putting Halsey in his half guard. In a scramble, Halsey muscled his way into full mount as he threatened with a guillotine. Prochazka worked his way back to his feet. Halsey fell through the ropes with his leg tangled up by them, causing a brief pause in the action. Time was called back in, and Halsey went through the ropes again.

Halsey almost went through the ropes for a third time, but managed to stay inside. Prochazka locked up a guillotine but Halsey was able escape. Halsey found his way to the back and squeezed on an RNC, but when that failed, Prochazka got on top and pounded him out for the win.

Gabi Garcia def. Barbara Nepomuceno by submission (Americana) at 2:35 of round 1: 102.5kg

Nepomuceno came out swinging her overhand right, but was quickly backed off by the power of Garcia. It wasn’t long before Nepomuceno found herself on her back. From side control, Garcia attacked the far arm, locking up an Americana to achieve the tap.

Damien Brown def. Daron Cruickshank by submission (Guillotine) at 4:10 of round 1: 70kg

Cruickshank let off with his strikes early in the opening round. Brown responded with a heavy leg kick that sat down Cruickshank, although he sprung right back up. Cruickshank started throwing spinning ish, both elbows and kicks. Cruickshank looked to change things up and shot for a takedown, but Brown was ready for him with guillotine choke. It didn’t take very long for Cruickshank to tap.

Johnny Case def. Yusuke Yachi by TKO (Cut) at 4:47 of round 2: 70kg

Case opened the fight with a head kick and then quickly realized a takedown. Yachi did a great job of tying up his foe to prevent himself from absorbing any damage before scrambling back to his feet. Yachi clipped Case with a right hand as Case closed the distance for a takedown. Case bailed on taking the fight to the ground and began to touch up Yachi with his hands.

Case pressured forward in the second act behind his punches, causing Yachi to back pedal. When Yachi did come forward, Case changed levels and scored a takedown. Yachi threw his legs up for a triangle, but Case was having none of it and continued to control from the top. When Case opened up to strike, Yachi used the moment to scramble back up to his feet. Case opened up a pretty bad cut over the right eye of his opponent, causing the doctor to come in and take a look. Case let out a roar and urged the fight to continue. The bout was stopped and Case was declared the winner.

Yuki Motoya def. Justin Scoggins by submission (Triangle) at 3:28 of round 1: 60kg

A swap of head kicks opened up the bout. A mean right cross from Motoya jarred Scoggins and then another one forced the American to shoot in. Motoya quickly locked up a triangle. Scoggins hung tough but Motoya made the proper adjustments and found the tap.

Ulka Sasaki def. Manel Kape by unanimous decision: 59kg

Sasaki came out in wrestling shoes pressing forward. Kape responded with some sharp punches, prompting Sasaki to shoot for the takedown. Kape refused to concede the takedown attempts and eventually freed himself into open space. Sasaki got his strikes going before returning to his takedown and holding down top position until the bell sounded.

The fighters exchanged a combo followed by a head kick, followed by a bit of jawing from Kape. Sasaki changed levels and hit a sweet takedown, before jumping to the back. Punches in bunches scored to the head of Kape as Sasaki looked for his openings. Sasaki reached the mounted crucifix and began to batter his foe with elbows. Kape gave up his back and Sasaki worked hard for an RNC until the round ended.

Back and forth the athletes went on the feet for the final round. Each man was getting in their licks before Ulka shot in and got busy working from the top. Sasaki landed a knee to his downed opponent in the closing moments of the round.

Quick results:

  • Miyuu Yamamoto def. Mika Nagano vs. by unanimous decision: 51kg
  • Kazuyuki Miyata def. Erson Yamamoto by submission (Hammerlock) at of round : 65kg
  • Justyna Zofia Haba def. Shinju Nozawa-Auclair by technical submission 3:41 of round 2: 57kg
  • Tofiq Musayev def. Nobumitsu Osawa by TKO at 1:19 of round 2: 70kg

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