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Jon Jones asserts innocence on test failures, wants NC verdict for Daniel Cormier rematch overturned

Jon Jones maintains his innocence throughout his drug test failures, and wants to have his No Contest verdict for the Daniel Cormier rematch at UFC 214 overturned.

Newly-crowned UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones remains firm in the belief that he did not do anything wrong through his drug test debacles. It is something he asserted during his post-fight press conference after defeating Alexander Gustafsson via third-round TKO at UFC 232.

“I’m learning about this Turinabol and I hear that it could possibly be in my body for the next seven years, which is really scary,” Jones told reporters.

“Tonight, I got drug-tested by two different agencies. Yesterday, I got drug-tested by VADA for the first time. And I’m excited to be tested by the most legit drug-testing agencies in the world so that we can learn exactly what this is, and get to the bottom of it.”

The Turinabol that Jones mentioned was found in his system after UFC 214 in July 2017, which resulted in his third-round stoppage win to be overturned to a No Contest verdict. “Bones” says he will also be fighting to have the result be reversed back to its original ruling.

“If there were short-term metabolites found in my body, you would be able to tell that something got in me recently,” Jones said.

“In the first drug test situation with Daniel Cormier, they found a long-term metabolite in my body. There were no short-term metabolites being found in my body. I don’t know how long this has been in my body, but I’d eventually like to fight to get my Daniel Cormier fight overturned.”

Ultimately, Jones is confident enough that he would be able to get through this mess and vindicate himself.

“I said in another interview that if I’m lying, then I pray that lord take every ounce of talent out of my body,” he said. “I took a polygraph test, I looked these people in the eyes and said that I have never done anything to cheat this sport, and I passed that polygraph test. I had no Jedi mind tricks to pass that polygraph test.

“I believe I’ll be vindicated, proven innocent, and I’m just gonna put it in God’s hands.”