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Roy Jones Jr: Failed drug tests won’t taint Jon Jones’ legacy

Multiple time boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. does not think failed drug tests would taint Jon Jones’ legacy.

Jon Jones was once deemed by many as the greatest of all-time. But his misdemeanors and failed UFC drug tests in recent years have done significant damage to his legacy, which many believe has been greatly tainted.

Roy Jones Jr., however, disagrees, particularly with the most recent positive drug test that caused major adjustments to UFC 232.

“This time, it won’t taint his legacy because it’s not like he did it again,” Jones told members of the media backstage at the Forum. “They said it was just residue from an old test. And I understand what the commissioner is saying in Las Vegas because he doesn’t want to get a lawsuit from somebody else because he let it go through.

“It’s difficult, but you have to kind of understand people and understand their argument. Nothing will taint the true legacy of who Jon Jones is.”

For the four-division world boxing champion, performance-enhancing drug use in general are not detrimental to a fighter’s image.

“You think that steroids taint their image? I don’t it think taints their image because if steroids made that much difference, anybody can be that good if they just used steroids,” he said. “Jon Jones, even in the fights he passed the tests on, he was still that good.”

“The fights he had fought that he had tested positive on, you gotta take them away. But that does not destroy or eliminate who Jon Jones really was.”

“Bones” was able to reclaim the UFC 205-pound title in his rematch against Alexander Gustafsson via third-round TKO.