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Israel Adesanya did a ‘shoey’ at UFC Adelaide, and his mom wasn’t pleased

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Israel Adesanya’s mom wasn’t happy with her son drinking beer from his shoe.

Adesanya, shoey

Israel Adesanya was cageside this weekend as a special guest during the UFC’s event in Adelaide. When put on camera, the New Zealand-based fighter decided to do a shoey, an homage to the Australian tradition of sorts.

While the Australian crowd enjoyed the gesture, Adesanya’s mother clearly wasn’t pleased that her son drank beer from a shoe. The middleweight contender shared their exchange on social media.

His mom’s Viber messages are as follows:

“Son, for God’s sake, please DON’T DO THIS AGAIN! You have a sensitive tummy, I know it is your show but not healthy.

“Be you as you always do, don’t copy bad, unhealthy habit. Infection of the intestine can be fatal.”

The two messages was followed by a call from the middleweight contender’s mom that went unanswered. Adesanya did respond soon afterwards, saying “It was my shoe, I’m ok Momzilla xo”

You may be an undefeated ninja that’s on the verge of greatness in MMA, but at the end of the day, momma still knows best.