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UFC champ Tyron Woodley offers hefty takedown wager to Colby Covington

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Tyron Woodley offers a bet to Colby Covington for their potential title fight in 2019.

The UFC has yet to finalize the welterweight title fight between champion Tyron Woodley and Colby Covington. But that didn’t stop the two men from throwing barbs at each other through interviews and social media.

Now, “The Chosen One” has seemingly found a way to make things more interesting. During his very own TMZ segment “The Hollywood Beatdown,” Woodley offered a unique stipulation to his would-be challenger.

“He is going to try and come in close, grab the clinch, takedown,” Woodley said (transcript via “I promise you, he will not try and stand up with me.”

“I bet you 10 thousand dollars everytime you touch my leg for a shot you got to pay me 10 grand. He might not even take me down. I want the people to see what it is for what it is. You want to see these hands. He wants to try and outwrestle me and he can’t even do that. I am challenging you, no wrestling.”

Woodley did clarify that it will go both ways for them.

“You touch my leg it is 10 bands. If I touch your leg I’ll give you 20 grand,” the current champion said. “So, every time you go for my leg you gotta pay me 10 grand, every time I go for yours it is 20 grand.”

Woodley also confirmed that while no definite date has been set, the UFC is looking to book the fight in early 2019.

“Top of next year,” Woodley said when asked about a potential fight date. “January or March. I don’t know what is going on in February, but they said not February.

“Either January 26 in Anaheim or March in Las Vegas.”

Woodley last fought in September at UFC 228, where he submitted Darren Till in the second round to defend his title for the third time. He has since been on the sidelines recuperating from a hand injury he sustained from the fight.

Covington, meanwhile, last saw action in June at UFC 225, where he defeated former lightweight titleholder Rafael dos Anjos via unanimous decision.

Dana White has also recently stated that Kamaru Usman might leapfrog Covington and get the next title shot instead.