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Wonder Twins Power Podcast 06: Comprehensive reviews of TUF 28 Finale, UFC Adelaide and Wilder-Fury

The Twins are covering all angles of the TUF 28 Finale, UFC Adelaide and Wilder vs. Fury. Coverage includes fight breakdowns, purse payouts, bonuses, promotional mistakes, officiating and more.

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Welcome to the latest episode of the Wonder Twins Power Podcast with Iain Kidd and Stephie Haynes. This show is an offshoot of the Three Amigos Podcast that allows us to delve a little deeper into current MMA issues that warrant closer inspection and conversation.

Today’s show features comprehensive reviews of the TUF 28 Finale, UFC Adelaide and Wilder vs. Fury. We cover the cards’ best fights, purse payouts, officiating, promotional mistakes, bonuses and more. Below is a detailed listing with timestamps for your listening convenience.

TUF Finale discussion:

  • Dana White says TUF to go on — 1:26
  • Sage signs with ONE (news broke just prior to event) — 4:02
  • Dana White “honeys” Macy Chiasson — 9:16
  • Scoring is still trash (Usman/RDA) — 10:11
  • Referee stoppages that seemed questionable but really weren’t (Caraway and Mokhtarian) — 11:50

UFC Adelaide discussion:

  • Shogun Rua bests Tyson Pedro the ultimate GICT — 16:36
  • Shogun has won 4 of his last 5 fights — 18:46
  • Rua ties record for light heavyweight fight night bonuses (extra discussion on bonuses NOT awarded at UFC Adelaide) — 21:13
  • Mark Hunt sleepwalked his way to a loss on the last fight on his contract — 22:48
  • Hunt, 44, wants 5 more fights. Rizin or Bellator likely a good fit where he can fight someone like Akebono or Baruto in Rizin or Fedor, Mitrione, Kongo in Bellator — 25:04
  • JDS almost got beat then won in spite of himself, called out Overeem — 26:34
  • Paul Craig needs booze to win. Did well early then got lazy/sloppy — 29:32
  • Kara France – Garcia (FOTN) — 31:57
  • Second to last FOX card was dismally promoted and didn’t even start trending on Twitter until it was almost over — 34:44

Wilder vs. Fury

  • Wilder/Fury fight payouts Wilder $4M Fury $3M — 38:56
  • Wilder said he saw Fury’s eyes roll back in his head and called him Michael Myers — 41:37
  • Wilder AND Fury both said “Only God knows how Fury got up from that last KD” — 43:30
  • Weirdest scorecard of 115-111 — 44:22
  • Lou di Bella says Fury or Wilder would beat Joshua — 47:38
  • Who should be next for Wilder and where (USA or Europe) — 49:05
  • Who should be next for Tyson Fury and where (USA or Europe) — 50:20
  • Would Fury have done better if he hadn’t shaved his beard (Sampson effect) — 54:23

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*Intro/Outro podcast music has been provided by OxBow, starring Eugene S Robinson