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UFC 232: Jon Jones rips female reporter for asking about positive tests: ‘Better journalism, you suck’

Jon Jones wasn’t having it when he was asked about his positive tests by a female reporter at the UFC 232 press conference.

Jon Jones didn’t make the best impression at today’s UFC 232 press conference. He was asked multiple times about his drug test abnormalities, which is to be expected since it was the reason that the entire event was moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles on less than a week of notice. But at some point, Jones had enough of it.

When Izabelle Kostic of Swedish MMA outlet asked “How come this is the third time we’re actually taking focus from the fighters and the fights and talking about what you have in your body? Whether it’s a picogram or a pictogram, why have you tested now positive?”, Jones brushed it off and just said “next question” with a smile. She then directed a similar question to Dana White, comparing Jones’ suspension to the two-year sentences Frank Mir and Tom Lawlor got. White said he couldn’t hear the question.

Jones urged the crowd to boo her, then told her to sit down. When she said she was already sitting, he stated that the mic should be taken away from her. Then started repeating “better journalism” a few times while White continued to try to make sense of the question.

Jones closed it out by saying “Better journalism, you suck”.

Obviously she was just doing her job, and her questions were very valid. It wasn’t bad journalism. Jones’ response wasn’t just unprofessional, it was childish and completely uncalled for. In other words - just another day in MMA, unfortunately.

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