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Al Iaquinta: Conor McGregor was never deserving of a title shot

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Al Iaquinta has some thoughts about Conor McGregor and the current “money fight” trend among fighters today.

With the record-breaking numbers that UFC 229 did, a rematch between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor is almost inevitable. McGregor does intend to avenge his loss, and has no problem fighting the next in line to get there.

But for Al Iaquinta, McGregor is not warranted a title shot, and should never have been.

“I don’t see him ever getting that title shot again, unless it’s just a money thing,” Iaquinta said.

“It’s a shame that he might get fights just because of the purse that he brings. Because he’s totally non-deserving of anything near a title shot. I don’t think he ever was.”

Iaquinta says McGregor will need to get through him first if he wants a rematch with the champion.

“Conor, he was talking about an immediate rematch, but I think he’s gotta fight somebody. And who else would he fight besides me?

“We have a common opponent in Khabib. I went to distance on a day’s notice. He had all the time in the world to prepare and he tapped out?”

Both McGregor and Khabib are still waiting on their sanctions from the post-fight brawl that transpired, which would be discussed at the Nevada Commission meeting on January 29th.