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Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend Ralph Gracie investigated over alleged assault at IBJJF tournament

Ralph Gracie, of the legendary Gracie Family, has been accused of assaulting the brother of UFC veteran Ricardo Almeida.

Earlier this month cameras at the World IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship in Anaheim, CA captured an alleged assault involving Ralph Gracie, a BJJ coach, Pride veteran, and member of the legendary Gracie family and Flavio Almeida, a coach, executive at Gracie Barra, and brother of UFC veteran Ricardo Alemida.

Video of the incident has been published by various social media users, including BJJ World on Youtube. The footage shows a man, alleged to be Gracie, reportedly sitting next to Almeida. After exchanging some words the man on the left throws an elbow strike at the individual next to him. This attracts others to the scene, which continues on beyond the scope of the camera.

Anaheim Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Daron Wyatt told MMA Fighting that an investigation into this incident is ongoing. Wyatt further stated that the incident had not been presented to the district attorney, so no criminal charges have been filed.

Ricardo Almeida wrote about the incident on his personal Instagram page.

“As you know, while coaching at the World No-Gi championships, Flavio was viciously attacked,” wrote Almeida. “The attack was completely by surprise, was unprovoked and did not allow Flavio a chance to protect himself. It was clear that the attack was meant to hurt Flavio personally, and also to intimidate Gracie Barra.”

“The police are involved and are investigating,” continued Almeida. “Flavio’s doctors have advised him to take time to rest with this family and recover from his injuries under their care, and to resume work when he is able. We very much appreciate your concern. We will address this situation further when the time is right.”

Ralph Gracie, 47, is the grandson of Gracie Jiu Jitsu founder Carlos Gracie and son of Robson Gracie. His brother is Renzo. Gracie, who earned his black belt under his uncle Carlos Gracie Jr., is a former Rio de Janeiro State Champion. He fought seven times in pro MMA.

In 2003 Gracie beat Dokonjonosuke Mishima at Pride Bushido 1, a card that also featured his brother Renzo and cousin Daniel Gracie. In 2004, at Pride Bushido 3, Gracie lost to Takanori Gomi. That was his last appearance in MMA. However, ONE Fighting Championship have stated that Gracie is expected to appear for their promotion in 2019.

Gracie did not respond to a request from MMA Fighting to comment about the incident.

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