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Jon Jones issues statement on UFC 232 drug test: ‘I’m a clean athlete’

Jon Jones also continued squabbling with Daniel Cormier on social media.

Jon Jones is in the middle of a drug testing controversy yet again.

The former UFC champion tested positive for trace amounts of Turinabol, which is the same substance he failed on back in 2017. USADA states that the small amount found on his system now, was likely just “residual amounts from his prior

exposure” in 2017, which he was already sanctioned for.

The NAC still deemed they don’t have enough time to thoroughly investigate and wouldn’t license him, but since the CSAC would, the UFC moved their entire event to California.

Jones has since released a statement, saying he is a clean athlete.

Jones also took time to fire shots at his long time rival in Daniel Cormier, who had earlier reacted to his latest drug test finding.

There is still a very complicated process of moving an entire event over to California with less than a week to the fight, but at the end of the day, Jones’ bout with Alexander Gustafsson is still pushing through.