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Daniel Cormier, others react to Jon Jones drug test abnormality, UFC 232 move

Jon Jones tested positive for a trace amount of Turinabol, but it was deemed to not be a new ingestion of the anabolic steroid. Here’s how Daniel Cormier and others reacted to the news.

Earlier today, it was announced that UFC 232 headliner Jon Jones had tested positive for a trace amount of Turinabol again. The test was deemed by USADA to not be a new ingestion, with them stating that it was still in his system from his 2017 failed test. USADA will not be punishing Jones for this and he is free to fight. However, Nevada didn’t feel like they had enough time to investigate this, so they won’t license him.

California will though, and UFC 232 has been moved to The Forum in Inglewood, CA on less than a week of notice. Jones and Gustafsson will still headline the show.

As you can expect, there is a healthy amount of speculation about the situation and how it was handled. One of the first reactions came from Jones’ nemesis, Daniel Cormier:

One person that hasn’t reacted yet is opponent Alexander Gustafsson. Incredibly, it’s because it doesn’t seem that he knows yet. Ariel Helwani of ESPN explains:

I’m sure he’ll find out soon enough though. Anyway, here are some other reactions to the news from MMA fighters and media: