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Josh Warrington vs. Carl Frampton live streaming results, round by round updates

Get round by round results and live discussion for the IBF featherweight title bout between Josh Warrington and Carl Frampton,

Josh Warrington and Carl Frampton Media Tour Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

Join Bloody Elbow today (Saturday, December 22nd) for live play-by-play results and discussion of this IBF featherweight title match between reigning champion Josh Warrington (27-0, 6 KOs) and Carl Frampton (26-1, 15 KOs). It’s an all-UK battle on a busy day for British boxing, and this one comes from Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

Warrington won the belt from fellow Brit Lee Selby in a thrilling split decision in front of his home fans in Leeds. This is the first defense of his title, and it’s against the former WBA champion in the same weight class. Frampton lost his belt to Leo Santa Cruz in a rematch last year, but he’s won his last three fights and is on the hunt for 126 lbs supremacy yet again. Expect lots of punches to be thrown, but Frampton has the clear power advantage.

BT Sport Box Office has the PPV broadcast starting at 6 PM local time/1 PM ET. Viewers in the United States can also catch the event on the ESPN+ streaming service, beginning at the same time. We have live round-by-round results for the main event only.

Main Event Results

Josh Warrington vs. Carl Frampton - 12 rounds for the IBF featherweight title

Round 1 - Warrington flicks out the jab. Frampton with a 1-2 combination before Warrington pushes him back with a jab. Warrington with a left hook and a right hand and he goes to work! Frampton gets staggered and they are slugging! This is a war! What a start! Big right by Frampton! Now they slow back down after a wild flurry that saw Warrington get in some great shots. The champ digs the body while Warrington lands a left hook upstairs. Big exchanges on the inside to the body for both fighters. The bell sounds after a great round 1. 10-9 Warrington.

Round 2 - Time is called as there’s too much Vaseline on Warrington’s forehead. Warrington connects on a jab, Frampton answers to the body with a jab of his own. Sneaky left hook by Frampton on the counter. Right hand to the body is blocked and they clinch. Good right over the top by Frampton. Warrington with a jab and now he unloads the combination punching. Good body work by Warrington! Frampton might be hurt! Big shot by Frampton but Warrington is winging wild shots and he has Frampton on unsteady legs! Frampton holds on with 20 seconds left. Left hook by Frampton, Warrington rips him to the body as the round comes to a close. 20-18 Warrington.

Round 3 - Frampton connects with a right hand upstairs. Nice right by Frampton again and they clinch up. Body shot by the challenger. Warrington working on the inside with punches in bunches, Frampton responding this time and the exchange is a little more even. Pace slows and then Frampton throws a left hook. 29-28 Warrington.

Round 4 - Frampton stalking and throwing a left hook but missing on a right hand down the middle. Hard body shot by Warrington. Good right hand by Frampton. Straight right scores for Warrington. Body shot by Frampton. Sweeping body blow by Warrington. Big left by Frampton but Warrington fires back and ends with a flurry, although he’s warned for a low blow. 38-38.

Round 5 - Frampton on the front foot to start the 5th but being patient. Body shot by Frampton and then they both land jabs. Uppercut and right hand by Warrington off the combination in the center of the ring. Counter right by Frampton. Good jab by Frampton. Another rough-and-tumble encounter in close with Warrington doing great body work, setting up the head shots! Uppercut by Warrington as Frampton retaliates with a left hook. Good action here in round 5! 48-47 Warrington.

Round 6 - Frampton with a body jab. Slow start to the opening minute of this round. Counter right to the body by Warrington. Jab by Warrington again. Frampton off on his straight right. He lands one to the body. Frampton dodges a right hand by Warrington. Body shot by Warrington and now a combo upstairs that’s mostly blocked, then he goes to the body and drills Frampton with several uppercuts. Good right hand by Warrington! Left hook upstairs and to the liver by Warrington. Frampton with a right to the body but Warrington is outlanding him. 58-56 Warrington.

Round 7 - Frampton jabbing the stomach of Warrington. Josh flicks out his jab then avoids a counter left hook. Warrington pushing forward and Frampton doing decent work off his back foot. Warrington gets hit to the body as Frampton lands some heavy shots, but now the war has restarted in the center of the ring! Brutal shots from both men! Right hand connects for Frampton and now they’re both warned for clash of heads. 68-65 Warrington.

Round 8 - Good counter shot by Warrington as Frampton is caught with a right hand. Warrington now taking some punishment to the body as Frampton gets some success in close quarters. This is some of Frampton’s best work in the fight. Warrington absorbs another body shot. Warrington with a flurry but now Frampton is catching him more cleanly! They slug again! This is an awesome fight! Good right by Warrington. Frampton pushing on and misfires on a left hook. Carl’s best round. 77-75 Warrington.

Round 9 - Well-timed right hand over the top by Frampton. Solid 1-2 by Warrington. Two body shots by Frampton. A mini-flurry ensues as Warrington fires away. Warrington whacks Frampton with a right hand and then Frampton gets in a quality combination. Vicious body shot by Frampton. Another overhand right by Frampton, who is making a nice comeback here. Double body shot by Warrington, who goes back upstairs with power punches and then Frampton answers once more with good shots of his own. 86-85 Warrington.

Round 10 - Good jab by Warrington. And another one. Frampton doubles up the left hook and lands an uppercut, but Warrington throws several shots back and he attacks the body in high-volume. Frampton having to endure another onslaught from Warrington as he covers up well. Dueling body shot battle coming up! Frampton landing quality punches but Warrington doubles, triples up on the uppercuts to the body! A left scores for Warrington but not much else as Frampton shows off better defense, but I score that for Warrington. 96-94 Warrington.

Round 11 - Warrington spears Frampton with a left hand. Great counter left by Frampton! Frampton with another counter this time with the right hand. Warrington with some shorter inside punches. Good body work by Warrington but he’s warned for hitting behind the head. Straight right by Frampton but he eats a big shot from Warrington. Left hook by Frampton. They let their hands go and land cleanly on each other as the seconds tick away! Another late flurry by Warrington before the bell sounds. 106-103 Warrington.

Round 12 - Headbutt but no cut on either fighter. Frampton with a short right and then a body shot, but Warrington with the faster punches. Big counter right and Frampton looks stunned! He ties up after Warrington throws a series of shots that prove to be inaccurate. Right hand by Frampton. Carl going to the body. One minute to go! Lightning quick, high-volume boxing by Warrington on the inside. Counter left hook by Frampton but then Warrington answers with a pot shot. Final seconds tick away and that’s it! Great fight. 116-112 Warrington.

Official result: Josh Warrington def. Carl Frampton by unanimous decision (116-113, 116-112, 116-112) to retain the IBF featherweight title

PPV Results

Liam Williams def. Mark Heffron by TKO, round 10 - 12 rounds (middleweights)

Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam def. Martin Murray by majority decision (114-114, 117-112, 116-112) - 12 rounds (middleweights)

Michael Conlan def. Jason Cunningham by unanimous decision (97-92, 97-92, 98-92) - 10 rounds (featherweights)

Nathan Gorman def. Rozvan Cojanu by unanimous decision 119-109 (x2), 120-108 - 12 rounds (heavyweights)

Tommy Fury def Jevgenijs Andrejevs by unanimous decision (40-36 x3) (4 rounds, light heavyweights)