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Wilder vs. Fury results: Rounds 1-3 results and recap

Get results here from Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury - here, a recap of rounds 1-3.

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury - New York Press Conference Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Tonight, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury go to war in the Heavyweight division. Bloody Elbow has live fight night coverage of the big PPV showdown all night, right here, including recaps of the last three rounds.

Round 1: Good opening round for Fury. Wilder came out swinging big, but Fury nullified him with a clinch. Fury used his jab more effectively throughout. Wilder did land one good shot, but Fury ended strong. 10-9 Fury

Round 2: Wilder comes out looking more relaxed for this round, and it paid off. He started the round working the jab, getting back some of the jabs he gave up to Fury in round 1. He also never got into those looping power punches he threw in round 1. Fury moved well, but at the end of the round, Wilder got him against the ropes and landed one good shot. 10-9 Wilder

Round 3: Fury uses that disruptive rhythm to his movement here, sometimes feinting in with an odd motion, sometimes actually coming in. Early in the round, Wilder does a good job using his jab as Fury comes in, but as the round progresses, it’s Fury’s counters that are landing more. 10-9 Fury

29-28 Fury through round 3