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Colby Covington on Nick Diaz: ‘All he can do is beat up chicks’

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Colby Covington doesn’t think Nick Diaz actually wants to fight any more.

UFC 183: Silva v Diaz Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

As we all know by now, Colby Covington isn’t going to let an MMA fighter off the hook for any suggested transgression, because he can keep his name in the news by talking about them. At least in this instance, it’s someone in his division - Nick Diaz.

The elder Diaz brother was expected to finally return to fighting at UFC 235 in March, to take on Jorge Masvidal. It would have been his fight competitive bout since early 2015. Alas, it seems that Nick isn’t actually interested in fighting after all because he doesn’t want to negotiate a deal while in training camp. Or he’s too busy running his businesses. Or something.

As a guest on BJ Penn radio, interim welterweight champion Covington tore into Diaz for not stepping up to fight:

“He’s trying to keep his name in the headlines, get some media, get a couple of extra Instagram followers,” Covington claimed. “He ain’t here to fight man, he’s done, he’s washed up. He can’t even fight anymore. When’s the last time he got a win? Like last generation? Last decade?

“No one gives a f—k about him anymore. He’s out partying in Vegas, doing lines of coke, beating up chicks because he ain’t beating up no guys. That’s all he can do is beat up chicks. So we’ve got the little Stockton, little p-ssy, ain’t doing sh-t no more.”

Colby gonna Colby, I guess. Besides talking smack about Ben Askren as well, Covington is waiting on the sidelines for his title shot against Tyron Woodley. No one is quite sure when that’s going to happen.