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Pic: Nutritionist charts Rocky Fielding’s weight cut for Canelo Alvarez fight

An interesting set of data on a fighter’s weight cut from fight camp to weigh-in day.

Canelo Alvarez v Rocky Fielding - Weigh-In Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Weight cutting is one of the most important issues not just in MMA, but in all of combat sports, so this graphic will certainly be of interest to some curious eyes.

Last Saturday night, British boxer Rocky Fielding (27-2, 15 KOs) fought Canelo Alvarez at Madison Square Garden, predictably losing by third-round TKO, and ceding his WBA “regular” super-middleweight title in the process. If there isn’t much to say about what was a clear mismatch, we do get a glimpse into how Fielding maneuvered his way down to 168 lbs throughout his fight camp and up to weigh-in day.

James Morehen, Fielding’s performance nutritionist, released this comprehensive breakdown of Rocky’s weight (in kilograms) from the beginning of his fight camp, through his travel from the United Kingdom to New York, and then to weigh-in day.

Based on the chart Fielding started his fight camp at approximately 190.4 lbs, 34 days out from the weigh-in, about 13.5% above the super-middleweight limit. Heading into fight week and for his flight to New York City, Fielding descended to approximately 178.1 lbs, leaving him 10 lbs to cut by Friday. His body weight fluctuated a bit throughout the week, and he was 173 lbs on the morning of the weigh-ins, before making it to 167.6 lbs for the weigh-ins later that afternoon. It is unknown how much he weighed on fight night, although Morehen intends to publish that at some point too.

On this very same event, former world champion boxer David Lemieux was hospitalized after yet another botched weight cut down to 160 lbs, cancelling his fight vs. Tureano Johnson. It is expected that Lemieux’s next fight will (finally) be at 168 lbs, aka the super-middleweight division.

It’d certainly be cool to see more charts of this nature for other boxers, MMA fighters, wrestlers, etc. to get a better glimpse into how much fighters are cutting weight, and when they make the bulk of their cut.