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Video: Frank Mir taps to strikes after losing mouthpiece and fracturing jaw at Bellator 212

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Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir was forced to tap out due strikes for the first time in his career.

The last three years have not been good for Frank Mir. The former heavyweight champion left the UFC on a two-fight skid in 2015, and piled on two more losses in his current Bellator run.

The 39-year-old fighter faced Javy Ayala at Bellator 212 in Hawaii over the weekend, which ended via second round submission. It was a painful night for Mir in many ways, as he was forced to tap out due to strikes for the first time in his lengthy career, while his daughter watched from the sidelines in his corner.

As seen on the latter part of the clip above (H/T MMA Mania), Mir was already fighting without a mouthpiece during the final minute of the second round while Ayala continued to blast him with hard punches. Already severely bloodied up, Mir was eventually forced to tap out, as he immediately held on to his mouth afterwards.

Mir’s “Phonebooth Fight Podcast” co-host Richard Hunter laid down more specific details after the fight.

Mir currently holds a win-loss slate of 18-13, with 14 wins by stoppage. He last tasted victory in July 2015, when he knocked out Todd Duffee in the first round that earned him a Performance of the Night bonus.