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Jessica-Rose Clark moving to bantamweight after UFC on FOX 31 weight cut issue

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After missing weight for UFC Milwaukee, Jessica-Rose Clark has moved back up to 135-pounds.

After a bad weight cut forced her out of a fight with Andrea Lee this past weekend at UFC on FOX 31, Jessica-Rose Clark has decided to move back to up women’s bantamweight.

It’s the second time Clark has missed weight for a fight at 125-pounds, previously stepping on the scale three-pounds over when she fought Bec Rawlings in November 2017. Talking in a video she uploaded to her YouTube channel, Rose-Clark discussed in detail the her weight cut that went wrong.

“I feel bad for Andrea. She’s had a really tough year as well and I know she was relying on that money. I’m just grateful, I got told that UFC still paid her her show fee so I’m glad she still got some money out of it and I’ve apologized to her personally and spoken to her about it. I know people have been asking about whether there’s a chance of her and I getting a rematch in the future, but honestly I’m going to go back to 135.

“I’ve already spoken to my team about it, I’ve spoken to my nutritionist, I’ve spoken to Mick Maynard about it and every single one of them is aligned with the idea that I need to go back to ‘35. I’ve never missed weight at ‘35, I’ve never even come close to missing. I feel good at ‘35. The reason I went down to ‘25 was because of coaches that I had who were telling me that I was too small to be a bantamweight and that I needed to be a fly, but I’ve tried four times now.

Rose-Clark said originally her weight cut was going fine, but that all changed when she went to the bathroom and passed out. Describing that her coach thought “he had killed her,” she was transported to the hospital and soon enough the fight was called off.

“I felt a little sick, but nothing like the cut for (UFC Fight Night 124 in) St. Louis. So I was like, I feel better than I have in the past, so I’m good,” Clark said. “Went back up to the room, went to the bathroom and apparently passed out. My coach, Walker (Vivian), came and found me and panicked ‘cause he thought he’d killed me and took me straight to ER and they put me on an IV. Then when I met with the UFC doctor, the fight got called off.”

Although spending most of her early career fighting at bantamweight, all three of Rose Clark’s (9-5, 1NC) UFC appearances have taken place at 125-pounds.