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Canelo vs Fielding results: Canelo stops Rocky Fielding in round 3

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Canelo Alvarez vs Rocky Fielding turned out to be a blow-out, with Canelo dominating Rocky in 3 rounds.

Canelo Alvarez v Rocky Fielding Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Canelo Alvarez def. Rocky Fielding, TKO (Round 3, 2:38)

This was a big night for Canelo, with his debut on DAZN, and his debut on Madison Square Garden. To mark the night, he was given a hand-picked, overmatched opponent in Rocky Fielding. And Canelo did what you are supposed to do in that kind of fight - he dominated. In took Canelo just under three rounds to put Fielding away, scoring a late 3rd round win.

Canelo started strong, particularly with his trademark hooks to the body. Late in round 1, he landed one of those body shots, putting Fielding down. In round 2, he continued to focus on the body dropping Fielding for the 2nd time. In round 3, Canelo dropped him for the 3rd time, Fielding got up, Canelo scored knockdown #4 and that was enough for the referee to step in. Canelo controlled the duration of the fight, getting inside to nullify the height and reach advantage of Fielding, and using those body shots to quickly do some serious damage. Excellent performance from Canelo against a pretty easy opponent.

With that win, Canelo extends his record to 51-1-2 with 35 KOs. He also claims the WBA title in the 168 pounds Super Middleweight division. He already holds multiple belts at Middleweight, and is a former champion at Light Middleweight making him now a three division champion. With belts currently held in two weight classes, it’s hard to know exactly what will come next for Canelo. In the post-fight interview, he was pushed on this question, but was non-committal, saying only that he would look for “the best fights.” We know Canelo will be back in the ring May 4 - we will see who might be across from him.